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All in good time

Re: Financial documents pertaining to the Eagle River Station project. Town staff and the ERS applicant representatives are reviewing preliminary drafts of financial documents pertaining to project costs, public improvement costs, revenues, and other financial information.

The information is being discussed between town staff and the applicant to assure accuracy and clarity of the information.

The financial information is not currently available to the public or the Board of Trustees because it is a work product and of preliminary nature. Confidentiality of preliminary documents and work product is permitted in the Colorado Open Records Act because availability of preliminary information may mislead the public before final information is ready.

Within the next two months, the financial information will be made public when subject matter is presented to the Board of Trustees in public meetings.

Staff is working hard, as with any development application, to assure the Eagle River Station project meets the goals, policies and plans of the town.

Town staff is also requiring absolute surety in any approval documents that the taxpayers and residents of Eagle are protected, if the project is approved and is successful or not successful.

The information will be made available to the board and public giving sufficient time for reaction and decision-making.

William Powell

Eagle Town Manager

Great skiing

I have to congratulate the Vail cat crew again for doing such an amazing job on Vail Mountain. It is incredible how well they keep the trails groomed with the snow that we have. They are why I try to ski every day.

I would also like to acknowledge Vail Resorts on their lift crews this year. I have never seen a friendlier group of lifties and ticket checkers than this season.

These are just a couple of the reasons that make Vail the best ski resort in the world.

Buzz Schleper


Keep our school open

I am writing to you in an effort to express my support and dedication for Red Sandstone Elementary School. I have a son in the third grade at Red Sandstone, and this school is very important to our family and our community.

We live and I work in Vail, and it would be virtually impossible for me to take the time to drive him through Dowd Junction and back to work or juggle a bus schedule and after school. Parents with a Monday-Friday 8-6 job (mine) already find it difficult to manage a balance.

Most importantly, my son loves Red Sandstone – every teacher and experience, truly! This is the way I want my son to start his school career: with a love for school and learning, which Red Sandstone provides.

Red Sandstone Elementary School is consistently one of the highest performing schools in the entire district. We also have very low teacher turnover. It makes no sense to close one of the strongest elementary schools in the district. Please keep Red Sandstone open!

Kirsten Texler

Save us from wifi

I just read the article describing the plan to replace the Vista Bahn with a new gondola.

I understand that this will allow shuttling people in their tennis shoes up to the new 10th restaurant to sell some seriously profitable food for Vail Resorts, but I am missing the point of why it is important to have wifi on the gondola.

If anything, cover the gondolas like the trains do with metal to prevent cell phone service to ensure that one person’s conversation doesn’t control an awkward silence for everyone else.

Put your smart phones down for 6 minutes and forget about checking your blackberry’s emails and your worries.

Enjoy the ride up with your friends, learn about the other people on the gondola, and take in some memorable and breathtaking views that you’ll picture in your head and reflect upon while you’re not skiing and stuck back at your desk checking emails. Just like you wanted to be doing?

Kyle Jansson


How could they?

First they allowed snowboarders on the mountain, then they created the Epic Pass, and now they are going to put a gondola at the top of bridge street. What more can they think of doing to make the skiing experience more unpleasant?

The mountain is already overcrowded. Time to move on to a resort not driven by greed!

Jim Caldwell


Had it with postal staff

Is anybody as tired as I am of the rude and horribly unprofessional service received at the Avon post office? I know the post office is busy and the staff may actually have to work a bit harder during the holiday season, but does that justify being extremely rude and having a mean attitude?

Today I tried to pick up a package. I went to the door with a sign that said “please ring bell for service.” Alas., no bell anywhere to be found, just the remnants of an old broken bell hanging on the wall.

I patiently waited for the USPS representative to finish refilling the boxes and as she walked by I tried to get her attention for the crowd of us that were forming to pick up our packages.

“Pardon me,” I piped. Nothing. So again I said, just a little louder, “Pardon me!” Still nothing.

Finally, as she was right in front of me, I actually spoke to the back of her head, “Can you help us with these?” — to which she opened the door without acknowledging me at all and never returned. It was obvious to me and the good, patient people waiting that she had heard us but chose to ignore us.

Now, this is not a new problem at the Avon post office. I have been treated rudely by them for years now. It seems to be the accepted norm.

I called the postmaster and explained the situation to him. He told me it was a busy season and that he gets a lot of praise from the community about his staff there.

Is it just me? I pondered. Am I a playing the Grinch to our local postal heroes? So I checked out some Google reviews and found they were as bad as they could get, many complaints of rude service.

So I know that there are a lot of good people out of work, people that would appreciate a job with benefits and security. I think a house cleaning is in order, and I think it should start with a thorough cleaning of the postmaster’s chair. Enough is enough.

Greg Webb


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