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Vail Daily staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

Scary changes in government

Why is Obama appointing all these “czars”? Is he implying we taxpayers should refer to him as “Premier Obama”?

It sure appears we are changing to a Marxist-style government, and that scares the hell out of me!

Bruce D. Giese


A lose-lose deal

I understand, Vail. I really do. You need to issue parking tickets to prevent people from parking in dangerous or obstructive places. Parking on the side of a road and blocking a snowplow? Why, it practically calls for incarceration, especially on some of those steep, particularly treacherous roads scattered throughout the municipality!

The thing is, I happen to live on one of those roads, and while I get the benefit of your parking-ticket policies, I miss out on the snowplowing perks. Let me explain.

My job requires me to leave home around 5:45 a.m., and on snowy mornings, this means slipping and sliding down one of the steepest roads in town since my understanding is that the plows arrive after 6 a.m.

Due to circumstances I won’t get into, I occasionally park on the road at night, knowing I won’t be in Mr. Plow’s way, but your ever-diligent, sleepless officers issue tickets on my street around 4:30 in the morning. I beseech you, town of Vail, either provide us early risers with the safety of a paved road or stop making me pay for everyone else’s with my tickets!

Drew Beebe


Salt in our economic wounds

The Oil and Gas Rule Review Bill 1292 is now on our state Senate floor for debate this week. This bill will implement new and burdensome oil and gas regulations that will continue to bleed jobs from Colorado.

Just last week, it was reported that revenue generated from severance taxes will take an 83 percent hit next fiscal year and that thousands of jobs in the energy sector have been and will continue to be lost. This bill is definitely a job killer and will ultimately lead to higher energy costs for Coloradans. As if we aren’t in a precarious situation to begin with.

There are many businesses in certain regions in our state that rely heavily on the oil and gas industry.

Gov. Bill Ritter’s job-killing oil and gas rules come at the absolute worst time. I am all for environmental stewardship, but these regulations will only stifle job growth and put even more salt on our economic wounds.

We should have sensible regulations that will create job growth and bring a more pragmatic approach to the protection of our environment.

Leah Hall


Don’t kill the goose!

I have to respond to abject ignorance.

Obama plans to spend $3.5 trillion (not including the $4 trillion-plus additional bailout print-off) this year to create, among other things, a 250,000-person brown-shirt army, with HR1388, to make sure we all comply with God knows what new freedom-squashing laws are about to come out of Washington.

It’s like the HR1409 Union Thug Act, which will allow unions to take over companies with the help of the government; another 250,000 non-producing government jobs; billions of dollars to ACORN, the masters of voter fraud; trillions for millions of proverbial bridges to nowhere; and creating a government-run health care system that doesn’t work everywhere it has been tried. How can the government run something as complicated as the health care system when it is running Medicaid and Medicare into the ground now? Everything the government does is wasteful. I don’t see the creation of any private-sector jobs.

When the EU and the Czech president tell Obama his spending plans are the “Road to Hell” and liberal parliamentarians are trying to show Americans the error of British spending policies like “the government has run out of the people’s money,” Obama marches forward double time with massive government growth and his socialist vision of Amerika.

Please don’t stifle us under endless layers of bureaucrats. Let us live under the freedoms spelled out in our Constitution. It is the entrepreneurial free sprit of Americans that is our greatness, not our government. The government is supposed to be hired help, an employee of we the people. Unless we do something about it, we the people will not just become employees of our government ” we will become slaves of our


Right now, prices are low as the economy corrects from the abuses of years past, thanks to policies of both parties and Americans borrowing beyond our means.

But when this flurry of funny money coming out of Washington hits the world economy in a few months, it will dilute the value of our dollar and everyone will lose whether you are in the market or not. The dollar will inflate and lose value, and the price of everything will skyrocket.

This is how our government will pay for its spending programs ” by creating the hidden tax of inflation coming out of the pockets of everyone except the politicians who will print their cost-of-living raises.

The reckless spenders in Washington never take responsibility for failed policy, and now most policy coming out of Washington is doomed to failure. They just believe they haven’t done enough of it yet.

We need to let this recession go the way of past recessions. Let businesses fail so they can rebuild unfettered by the constraints and incompetence that caused their failure, and unleash the engines of free markets. I would rather live with the boom and bust of capitalism (another word for freedom) than live with the constant bust of socialism (another word for tyranny).

Please don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

James Shannon


Thought I’d never walk

This is a great big thank you to the Vail Ski Patrol, paramedics and Vail Valley Medical Center. On March 15, I took the worst fall of my skiing career (more than 30 years) at the base of Divide in Blue Sky. With my left leg flopping around, I knew I was in trouble, fearing the worst as this was my hip-replacement side. I had visions of never walking again.

As it is now, I am limping with a smile, knowing that I should make a complete recovery from what was ultimately a dislocated hip.

What carried me through the period of the unknown, from fall to resetting, was the professionalism, skill, composure and knowledge that I was in one of the best places in the world to get hurt and hope for the best treatment and outcome.

From Alix and Hillary on the mountain to the paramedics to all the hospital personnel, including Mary and Dr. “Chip” Woodward, I owe a great deal of thanks and gratefulness. The compassion, support and skills provided me puts Vail at the top and my No. 1 ski resort.

Mark Hoffman


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