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Come see for yourself

Dear Ms. Borch: As a six-year employee of Vail Mountain Safety, I was personally offended by your letter to the editor (“Getting more dangerous,” Jan. 10).

For six years, I have been a part of the Vail Mountain Safety team, formerly the Yellow Jackets. The whole focus of this department is to increase awareness about safety while skiing and snowboarding on any mountain.

Beginning last season, the department has taken huge steps to place an even higher value on safety. This new safety campaign is being led by – let me name drop for a minute here – Chris Jarnot, Paul Fillion, Julie Rust, Jeff Wiles, Robert Cox and all the heads of the departments across the ski industry.

I would like to personally invite you to join us, any day you are available, to follow a Mountain Safety employee for their day. You can see for yourself the steps we have taken to ensure safety. You can join us while we are standing on busy ski runs educating skiers and snowboarders who are going too fast. You can also help us pull passes belonging to violators. We can show you that people are actually “cited, tagged and have lift tickets pulled.”

Are you free Sunday morning at 10 a.m.? I invite you to the Violator Safety Class that we hold each week. This is one of the consequences that you claim do not exist. This might help your own awareness, since you are an admitted part of the problem anyway: “And putting up signs (who reads them anyway?) as a solution is a joke.” Do you remember writing that?

Oh, one more thing: When we spend the day together educating you, I will be on a snowboard. Since you think “the snowboarders are the worst,” I’d love to introduce you to some of the snowboarders on either mountain who take safety very seriously – snowboarders who would never dream of “repeatedly and deliberately harassing young or experienced skiers.”

It’s unfortunate that this quote of yours made the front page of the paper because it’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

Kate Portz


Part of the problem

Dick Gustafson, we’d have more respect for you if you just owned the fact that you want the black guy to quit being our president and just said so.

Instead, you railed on for your 20 ridiculous and laughably hypocritical points. You are a scared, rural white guy. You are your own self-parody. You are the extremist. You are part of the problem.

Tim Moffet


Same ol’ hogwash

In Wednesday’s Vail Daily, the writer in Valley Voices argues that he is not angry (about Obama). Methinks he protesteth too much, allotting his whole portion of the opinion piece to why he’s not angry. Kind of comical.

At any rate, what he appears to be fearful of, but certainly not now angry about, is summed up in a famous letter he quotes, written by a Republican ideologue.

The letter simply rehashes the same old, same old far-right talking points, such as: “(Obama’s) policies are so un-American.” And complaints of “(Obama’s) upscale lifestyle.” And “(Obama) will … not even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.” And “we know nothing about you.” And “you (Obama) lack humility and class.”

It’s this kind of negative hyperbole that rather than helping move us toward solutions, typifies and reinforces the Republicans’ stance as the party of “no.” I hope readers see beyond this tired and wrongful opinionating.

Ted Springer


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