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One-sided opinion

Richard Carnes, regarding your political commentary Jan. 24, “Super PACs are super insulting”: While I might agree that political contributions are not in the best interest of our country, you may want to include some facts in your future writings.

You began by calling the GOP candidates “schizoid, pious and arrogant” – not exactly fact-based. This may be your opinion, but why don’t you provide your reasoning? You sound like a 3-year-old without it. By the way, were you asleep during the bitter primary season between Barack and Hilary?

Your remaining commentary about PACs contained no facts and was misleading. One would get the impression, since it was so one-sided, that PACs are used only by large corporations to contribute to GOP candidates. Nothing can be further from the truth.

GOP PACs counter the massive union contributions to Democrat candidates: United Auto Workers, $1.8 million to Obama; AFl-CIO, $50 million to Obama; Teamsters, $22.5 million to Obama.

Then there are the government worker unions. We were warned about allowing them by many, starting with FDR: “They merely negotiate for more tax money. Unthinkable and intolerable.”

George Meany, former president of the AFL-CIO: “It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government.”

How right they were. Now these very “intolerable” unions have found a friend in Barack Obama: SEIU, $85 million to Obama; NEA/AFT $62.8 million to Obama.

It doesn’t end there. Your commentary would have us believe that corporations only give to the GOP. Not true. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, all recipients of “bailout money” contributed $3.1 million to the Obama campaign. GE, recipient of government contracts and high positions in his administration, sent him $529,855.

You may think that Colbert and Stewart are funny guys and that too much money is spent on political campaigns, but a few facts would go a long way toward your credibility.

John Roeser


Customer is No. 2

I have purchased the Epic Pass for the past three years and this year had the unfortunate experience of tearing my ACL and MCL on my first day. Was I happy to know that I took out insurance!

Unfortunately, I did not know that Vail Resorts farmed it out to a third party in Wisconsin. Their representative was rude and told me I would have to fill out a claim form, plus get a doctor’s letter. I told her I had all the information from the hospital, but she said, “That may not be enough.”

She asked me what I paid for the pass, I told her I could not remember, perhaps $560, which I then determined was incorrect, but she liked that number. I since determined from VR it was $629. She knew nothing about the price of the tickets or preferred not to know.

I think for a company like Vail Resorts to involve a third party in their insurance is a terrible public-relations blunder. I should have been able to go directly to the ticket office with my hospital documentation and receive a credit, less my one day of skiing. I now have to deal with an outside agency, fill out forms and hope they deem me worthy of this credit.

This gives me a very bad feeling about Vail Resorts. We know it’s all about the money, but I also thought it was still about the customer.

Barbara Chase

New York

Thanks for the help

I want to thank the Vail Daily for your generosity in promoting the Pat Hamilton-Peter Vavra Christmas Concert, which was performed Dec. 22. The publicity was really outstanding, the best ever! Marka Moser also did a fabulous job as our public-relations person for the concert!

The performers in the concert were Pat Hamilton, Peter Vavra, Sally Peterson, Jeff Layman, Chase Wiens, Graham Olson and Brent Gordon. Many of the Christmas songs were written by Pat Hamilton, and they are truly amazing. As always, this concert was magical and a great holiday tradition.

Thanks to our sponsors – Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Beaver Creek Religious Foundation, East West Resorts Corporate, Slifer Smith and Frampton Real Estate, Thrivent Financial – and to all of our generous attendees, the concert raised $20,570 for the Vail Valley Salvation Army! These generous donations go to helping those in our community who need our help.

Over the past 22 years, Pat and Peter’s Christmas concert has raised close to a quarter of a million dollars for Vail Valley Salvation Army. What a blessing! Our heartfelt appreciation goes to all who make this event so special! The standing-room-only concert not only raised a large amount of money but raised our spirits, as well.

Tsu Wolin-Brown

Vail Valley Salvation Army

Reason to hate snowboarders

When I skied at medium speed down Cloud Nine on Jan. 23, I was passed at close distance by two snowboarders racing down. This happened just at the first left turn of Cloud Nine, and they didn’t leave enough leeway for me to do the necessary left turn. So I had to go straight on, entering the terrain right of the run.

My skis got loose, so I did a somersault somewhere. Result: a broken ankle. The ski patrol took me down and delivered me at the Vail hospital. Two months on crutches will be the minimum for me.

The two snowboarders didn’t take notice of the accident and just went off.

I looked now into the Internet, and there are places where snowboarders aren’t admitted to the ski area (take Utah as an example).

I enjoyed more then 10 years of ski vacations in Vail very much. But I think I will change to a place where skiing can be done without incurring these problems.

When others skiers will do the same, the town of Vail will have a hard time filling its hotels and restaurants with the snowboarders left over.

Remedies? I don’t know whether frequent patrols on the runs would help.

There should be patrols on the runs, not just standing at the bottom.

Gisela Schreiber

Fort Myers, Fla.

Council critic fires away

In my last letter, I said that the Minturn town manager, Jim White, and the town planner, Chris Cerimele, need to be fired because of how they handled a house in town that is too big and against code.

Well, not only is this new house too big, but Chris also did not get a tap fee from them. Chris did not follow the Minturn code on the entire project. He allowed the people to live in it illegally, without a certificate of occupancy.

At a council meeting, I provided documents that showed a pattern of lapses by Chris on this project.

The council said they were all just mistakes by Chris, although on other houses, Chris did not make those same mistakes and he followed the code.

Then the town admitted that the house is too big and against code, so our mayor, Hawkeye Flaherty, apologized to the Minturn citizens for this.

The town will not make the person bring the house into compliance, though.

Chris has been disciplined, according to the council. They refused to say what that disciplinary action was.

I believe Minturn is full of selective enforcement and the council protecting their friends.

So for every Minturn homeowner that built their house according to code, you got screwed.

Remember that Johnie Rosenfeld, currently on Minturn Council, is running for Eagle County commissioner. Eagle County citizens cannot afford to have Johnie overseeing projects. Johnie also voted to increase our water and trash rate by 5 percent. He then gave bonuses to staff.

See my website http://www.minturn for more information about Minturn.

The Minturn council is also now in secret negotiations with Dean Adler, developer of the Battle Mountain project, to release some of the promised, but never delivered, $180 million and to adjust the contract. They refuse to let me see any documents.

Just wait until Dean Adler starts to build his big project. Does any Minturn citizen trust our council and staff to not allow Dean Adler building violations? I suppose the council can just apologize after the violations and everything will be OK in Minturn.

Think about it.

Frank Lorenti


A good Samaritan

I just wanted to write this letter thanking Darian (I hope that’s how you spell it) for stopping and checking on my wife, who struck black ice and wrecked her car on the big bend in Wolcott a week ago.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to stop and make sure everything was OK until a state trooper and wrecker could come. We need more good samaritans like you.

Daniel Badaroux


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