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Reasons why not to hate

I read the letter to the editor in the Jan. 23 paper, “Reasons why to hate snowboarders,” and it made me very frustrated.

I empathize with the person who wrote the letter because they have a broke ankle due to two people not pay attention to what they were doing.

However, being a snowboarder has nothing to do with it. It has to do with two people who were inconsiderate.

I often find people who are from out of town do not know the proper way to stand in a lift line, cut you off, are rude, are especially pushy on a powder day, and I have skiers run over my board all the time.

Sure, sometimes someone cuts me off, but it’s split between snowboarders and skiers.

Most of the time I believe it is on accident and most people are just out to have a good and safe time.

The person who wrote the letter stated they’d been coming to Vail for 10 years and did not state it had a problem before.

With an attitude like that, they don’t need to come back. We want positive people here in the Vail Valley we all love.

Snowboarding is not going anywhere, and neither are people who just aren’t paying attention.

What we can do is educate people on the mountain, and I believe Vail Mountain is doing a great job at that.

Be mad at the people who are at fault, not mad at the sport they are doing.

Holly Beavers


Skiers just as culpable

In regards to Ms. Schrieber’s letter “Reason to Hate Snowboarders”: I am truly sorry that you got hurt, no one deserves to get hurt, but have fun in Utah.

Vail doesn’t need you here.

If you are that ignorant where you hink that snowboarders are the only people on the hill going way too fast, maybe you should go somewhere else.

The whole mountain is full of people going way too fast.

And most of them, believe it or not, carry poles. I ski myself, and am amazingly going to stand up for my snowboarder companions.

If you look at most of the skiers out there, sitting on their tails pointing their ski tips straight down, they are out of control and going way too fast as well.

If you truly hate snowboarders, please do go to Utah, where you will most likely get buzzed by skiers and then realize you should stay off the mountain slopes and perhaps stay in Florida.

Again, sorry you got hurt.

Tyler Stevenson


Great town planner

I found Frank Lorenti’s most recent letter to the Editor to be libelous toward Minturns town planner.

Chris Cerimele has been the most competent town planner that I have dealt with. Thank you.

David Clapp


You’re the best

Thank you to the Gypsum Post Office for their wonderful service over the holidays and over the years.

I am very lucky to know that my mail will always get to me. After dealing with other postal offices throughout the valley, Gypsum is by far the best.

Ellie Wingle


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