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Shouldn’t sell charcoal

It is disheartening, to say the least, that in the midst of the worst fire season in a decade and tens of thousands of Coloradans fleeing their homes and hundreds of homes being lost that stores such as Home Depot, Safeway and City Market continue to sell charcoal and lighter fluid, in spite of the near complete statewide ban on charcoal grilling.

I asked the management at City Market if in the interest of public safety they would at least put a sign up reminding customers that at this time, charcoal grilling is banned in most parts of Eagle County, and they so far have refused to do so. Many of our guests will not be aware of the ban, and this would be one way to increase awareness and cut down on innocent violators (and possibly innocent victims).

I know of four instances in Vail where fires were started by the careless use of charcoal. The Pine Ridge Townhomes and one building at Interlochen were both damaged by charcoal-grill fires back in the early 1980s. Reportedly, animals were attracted the smell of the grill and tipped over the grills, starting structure fires.

Back in the mid-1980s, there was a grass fire above my home in Sandstone because someone dumped their hot coals into dry grass. Similarly, there was a small fire in Homestead several years ago in back of my home from the same cause. I am sure there have been many other incidents.

As much as I love my Weber kettle, I am leaving it unused until the ban is lifted and sticking with gas grilling because I know even though I will be careful, anything can happen when it is this dry.

It is unfortunate that it is legal to sell something that is illegal to use; the fire bans need to be expanded to include banning the sale of charcoal and lighter fluid. It could save the valley from catastrophe some day.

Chris Neuswanger

Always had debt

Regarding: Valley Voices by Paul Rondeau on June 27: While Mr. Rondeau takes great liberty with his opinions (disguised as facts), I must call him out on the following statement: “During the last years of the Clinton administration, we had a surplus and no national debt in sight.”

Excuse me, Mr. Rondeau?

Now for the facts: Since the Ford administration and before, this country has never been without a national debt. It has grown every single year, under every single president, with one exception.

When Clinton took office, the national debt was approximately $4.5 trillion. It increased every year of Clinton’s administration except his eighth year, when he logged an approximate $110 billion surplus. When Bush No. 2 took over, the national debt was $5.9 trillion.

Do the math, Mr. Rondeau.

Robert Faucett


Doesn’t know the rules

In response to last week’s letter about the smokers outside the concert in Vail, I believe it is the perfect example of why citizens should not be given the ability to ticket others. I agree that we all need to be diligent in observing good practices to prevent wildfires in this extremely dry season.

However, it is also important that you get your information straight before accosting people.

The restriction on outdoor smoking in Vail is for Vail Mountain. According to fire officials, outdoor smoking is banned on forest lands and in areas where you do not have a radius of three feet of barren land – concrete, bare dirt.

Yes, be careful smoking, for everyone’s sake, but also be careful taking a militant stance against smokers who are following the rules.

You just don’t understand the rules.

Anuschka Bales

Red Cliff

A plea to bikers

We all love our shared bike paths. In order to make it even safer for both of us, could bikers please call out before whizzing by walkers?

A simple “on your left” or “on your right” just before your approach works. Or better yet, ring a bell.

Just give us a little notice so we can move before you whiz past. Trust me – we will move quickly!

Evie Rosen-Budd


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