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Vail Daily Staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

Editor’s note: We made a mistake and had the wrong person identified as the author of this letter thanking the BecTri volunteers for their efforts. So we agreed to rerun the letter with the correct writer named.

Great job, BecTri volunteers

Wow, what a day! I was truly amazed by each member of our incredible volunteer team for the BecTri 2012.

We had an impressive volunteer turnout, with 104 volunteers from Friday night to Saturday cleanup.

It was a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to communicate with such a special group of people throughout the past few months and during the BecTri weekend.

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They are a strong, warm and friendly group of people who made the BecTri 2012 a huge success. Throughout the event, I saw our volunteer team repeatedly go above and beyond to help each other, the participants and families attending the event.

A few special thanks:

Mark Fitzwater and Pete Kuk, our bike course coordinators, thanks for keeping our bike course safe.

Greg and Allison Decent, run coordinator couple extraordinaire, thanks for your efforts on marking the course and your enthusiasm for the participants during the event.

Larry Wolfe and family, swim coordinators, thanks for keeping the swimmers safe and your impressive counting skills.

Pam Kennedy, Ken Harper, Pegasus Rumaine and Mark Luzar, transition area team, thanks for keeping the area organized and creating your own spreadsheets to track all of the racers as they exited the transition area.

Rich and Laura Copeland, thanks for going above and beyond helping with set up and registration. We could not have done this without you.

Audrey Slevin, Sharon Paul and Kim West, our early crew on Saturday morning, thanks for arriving at 5:45 a.m. to make sure we were up and running when everyone arrived.

Vickerman family, thank you for your outstanding sign making and package pick-up efforts on Friday night. Great family teamwork.

Course marshals, I know I did not get to see all of you. Thanks for doing a great job directing our participants safely through the course, cheering them on and keeping everyone safe. Many of the participants told me how much they appreciated the encouragement during the race. Great job!

Refreshment aid station – Bill Watt and Sharron Gleason, Val Wolfe and Mary Jane McEachron – special thanks for providing refreshments and directions to the bikers and runners.

Medical aid station, Dr. Mark Stephens and family, thanks for being there to help out with medical assistance, set up, cleanup and all of the extra jobs you did.

And one more special thank you to my team: Valinda Yarberry, Claire Christensen and Karen Simon. I could not have done this without your encouragement and support and humor. Thank you!

Thank you so much for bringing your smiles, helping hands and warm hearts.

Laina Eskin

The right vote

I was pleased to read in a letter Aug. 15 that Sal Pace voted against HB1130. That bill would have outlawed just about any kind of contraception, giving women the choice of being abstinent or going back to huge families, which most of us and the earth can ill afford.

Thank goodness for intelligent, farsighted legislators like Sal Pace.

Katherine Delanoy


Thanks for the donation

The Buddy Program wishes like to thank the employees of Gallegos Corp. for donating their $500 Innovation Award to the Buddy Program. Scott Reardon, site superintendent on the project and team leader expressed that he and his co-workers wanted to donate their prize money to an organization that was “really making a difference in the community” and easily identified the Buddy Program as that organization. Thank you to Scott and all of the Gallegos employees for your generous donation. It is deeply appreciated!

Stacy Grimm for the Buddy Program staff

Keeping us from fun

Please tell us who the town of Eagle Open Space Protection Coalition is and who is this Matt Sauer?

I am so over these groups with their fancy names trying to control our lives. Hey Matt, get a life.

And the Vail Daily please do sidebars explaining who these secret groups of self-absorbed dweebs are and who people like this Matt Sauer are.

Neil Barham

Editor’s note: Matt Saur is part of a group opposed to a mountain bike trail in the Hernage Gulch area west of Eagle Ranch, based on the affect on wildlife.

Brown for district attorney

I have served the Lake, Eagle and Summit County communities for 32 years as a state trooper and the sheriff of Lake County.

I have seen the degradation of our judicial system over the years spurred in part by the unwillingness of various agencies to communicate with each other.

An officer should not have to wait for someone to confer with their boss for an answer to a simple question. A good case should not be dumped because someone does not like the officer’s boss or the officer.

There should be honest open discussion and a willingness to assist each other to make better cases through improved investigations, report writing techniques and instruction on case law updates.

I believe that Bruce Brown, candidate for district attorney, can do just that.

Mr. Brown is intelligent and approachable, and I believe that he can bring all of the agencies together so that they all serve their communities needs for fair and impartial justice. I am voting for Bruce Brown for district attorney and I hope you will too.

Edward Holte


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