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Just the best community

A big thanks to our generous community for making the Humane Society Pet Prom at Route 6 Cafe a huge success. The venue was perfect, food wonderful and Ollie and his staff so welcoming to us all. They even helped us decorate.

Thanks to Alina Miller for her wonderful artwork for our posters.

A special thanks to the staff at Vail Daily for assistance in advertising for this event. You were a huge help in our success.

As always, the Fabulous Femmes were, well, fabulous! They kept us on our feet dancing the night away.

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This is the best community in the world, and we are so blessed to live here!

Thanks to all!

Eagle Valley Humane Society

So there

After reading Mr. Bornstein’s commentary of Aug. 16 and his endeavor to belittle and disparage Mr. Gustafson regarding the latter’s intellect and observations of constitutional abuses, I had to revisit Gustafson’s comments. It is one thing to take issue with observations and opinions of another, but to cast aspersions and denigrate that author’s character is reprehensible and displays a lack of class.

Gustafson is faulted for referring to the First Amendment as an “article.” We all knew what he meant, but Bornstein left an innuendo and stigma upon Gustafson of an ignoramus. To factiously cloak Gustafson with the educational trappings of Obama – Harvard grad, constitutional lawyer, etc. – in order to show a disparity of knowledge between the two is more the work of a lawyer than a gentleman, especially when we are all relegated to taking Mr. Obama’s word regarding his college records, passports and academic pronouncements. Concealment, obfuscation and diversion are hallmarks of Messrs. Obama and Bornstein’s administration, and that is my uneducated observation.

Bornstein observes: “It is obvious that Gustafson has zero knowledge of the Constitution historically or legally …,” so I surmise that what Bornstein means is that one must be a constitutional lawyer of his or Obama’s stature to really understand that charter and what it means in today’s society.

This is pure poppycock, since that indenture was written in language that the ordinary citizen of reasonable intellect could read and understand. Otherwise, the Constitution would be void for vagueness, as lawyers would put it. If there is vagueness, it is from the spin and biased observations that politicians, lawyers, judges and law professors put on it.

Do I, a reasonable man, believe or subscribe to the constructs that Bornstein or Obama read into the Constitution? No!

Gustafson’s analysis and criticism of government’s intrusion into religious issues such as mandatory birth control expenses being imposed upon religious institutions are accurate observations and do have First Amendment import. But to retort with a myriad of legal citations as Bornstein employs evidences intellectual snobbery at the expense of addressing the issue and also displays a lack of class.

By the way, I believe that the decision by Chief Justice Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong, a spin and politically motivated regarding the Affordable Care Act. You don’t call a mandate a tax just to bootstrap a vague and bewildering statute into constitutional legitimacy.

Mr. Bornstein, it is my First Amendment prerogative to harbor the opinions expressed in this missive, notwithstanding your castigating me as ignorant of the law, the Constitution or devoid of perception concerning the issues at play.

Please note that I can differ from the legal opinion of Justice Roberts, as well as yours and Mr. Obama’s. My opinion may not have your clout, but it shows a bit of class, don’t you think?

Fredric Butler

Thanks for all the support

I want to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all who have supported me in the last five months. I am overwhelmed by the compassion and caring that this community has put forth to me.

From the beginning of my diagnosis, friends have been there to bring meals, checking in to offer anything and everything, to assist my family and me and helping us manage this difficult time.

The benefit at Lazy J Ranch in Wolcott on July 15 was truly an amazing event. Thanks to the Vail Valley Charitable Fund and all who participated to organize the event, to all who donated so generously and to all who took time out on a rainy Sunday afternoon to attend.

A favorite quote seems appropriate to express my thanks “Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture.” My picture is unbelievably beautiful due to all who have supported and cared for me. Thanks again to a very special community.

Kate Tennant

War of values

I agree with Mr. Bergh that we have had a war in our country for several decades. He is wrong, however, about the reason. It is not an economic war but a war of values. The real problem is a lack of personal responsibility.

The left believes people should be able to do whatever you want and still the government will take care of you. Go to college and have a major that has no economic value – no, the state will take care of you.

Teach our kids that our forebears were evil in building our country, of course the descendants should pay for that outrage. Work hard and build a nice nest egg for your family, how dare you not share it with everyone.

The concept of shared sacrifice is just a veiled attempt to justify taxing the hard workers in this country. Being responsible for yourself and making good decisions in life is the way to get ahead.

Sherman Brown


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