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New low picking on old guy

Cartoonist Horsey’s depiction of the venerable Clint Eastwood as being some senile, old man who can’t find his way off the stage after his speech, represents a new low in the annals of cartoon journalism.

Mr. Horsey is obviously a liberal. Liberals like to present themselves as having more compassion for people. And indeed they typically do attend to their usual constituency, women, the minorities (legal and illegal) and the folks who have grown accustomed to riding around in the wagon the rest of us have to pull.

What about us oldsters? Where’s the compassion for us? We don’t want to climb in the wagon. We just want respect. Is that asking too much from these compassionate folks who are supposed to feel everyone’s pain? It would seem that their compassion is selective, and this obvious contempt for senior citizens is hypocrisy.

Ironically, some day, God willing, Mr. Horsey may actually be 80 years old himself. Although he will probably not have attained the respected status of Mr. Eastwood in his profession and therefore will never have to find his way off any stage, I wonder how he would feel if someone publicly poked fun at him for walking more slowly. The real problem with discriminating against older people is that someday, you may be one too.

John B. Bartholomew


Here’s the way it is

Letter writers Lynch, Butler and Spessard clearly need to get more oxygen to their brains. As a visitor to the valley for over 35 years, I cannot believe the ignorance and stupidity of these writers.

1. The Affordable Care Act does not restrict religious freedom. All clergy are free to preach whatever they want and can even endorse candidates if they want to give up their tax exempt status. They are free to preach on all issues, be it abortion, gay marriage and immigration, for example. There is no national religion!

2. The Affordable Care Act requires all employers to provide health insurance to cover all heath care needs from women’s reproductive needs to men’s prostate cancer screenings. The act graciously allows those religious institutions whose beliefs run contrary to not have to pay for those services. Their insurance providers must provide them free of charge to the employee. No one is forcing anybody to use birth control or get an abortion, but an employer cannot force their beliefs on their employees and deny them coverage for these health issues.

3. Abortion is legal and settled law. Get used to it. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one, but don’t forbid others to have one. Medical decisions are best made by a person, their family and their doctor, not you or me or sleazy politicians!

4. Enough with your false concern about unborn babies. How about some concern for the born children!

Gayle Merves

Lone Tree

Obama again? Really?

I’m leaving Vail next week after another terrific summer here. When I return next summer, we will have the election behind us.

Right now we have: 23 million Americans out of work (and more just stopping looking each month than new jobs added); $16 trillion in national debt ($50,000 for each American); and 43 straight months of 8 percent and higher unemployment; and on and on, as there is no good economic news to report. That is what Obama has given us with his four years!

So I was stunned to read that Don Rogers will vote for Obama again, as a result of a great speech by Bill Clinton! Bill Clinton, I remember him: Monica and the blue dress and lying under oath while being the president! And he is still lying as he points that bony finger at us and says no one could have done any better with this economy, not Obama and not even “Slick Willie.”

Does anyone remember Jimmy Carter and 20 percent interest rates, massive unemployment, gas rationing, nation in total chaos? I remember. Do you remember what it was like only four years later? After four years of Ronald Reagan, all those problems were behind us and Jimmy Carter-caused problems gone. So it can be done.

The reason it has not improved at all is that Obama is wrong on just about everything.

So you go ahead and vote for him again. And you’ll get more of the same. Let me assure you, we will not recover by taxing the wealthy (Obama’s key economic plan). Nor will more Solyndras or wind power or algae power or 100,000 math teachers.

You have a clear choice, and if you think Bill Clinton’s speech is all we need, than you are likely to find yourself adding to the 23 million unemployed within Obama’s next four years! Y’all have a great winter, and if you get lots of snow, I’m sure this is a result of Obama stopping the rise of the oceans and healing the Earth.

Gene Henry


Obamacare helps

Comments on Richard Carnes’ “The flip side of choices”: I’m pretty sure this is a fictional story. If not, I am sorry. I do not believe any company is going to let anyone go, especially because of Obamacare. Lower worldwide demand, yes. If there is a demand, and a chance to make money, they will hire as many people as necessary. Or someone else will.

Your story is exactly that of one who would benefit from Obamacare. Layoffs happen. When you are rehired, your new employer’s insurance company could not turn you down due to a pre-existing condition. Thus, protecting your family.

As for your 401K, it sounds like you need a new plan, or a new stockbroker! The stock market peaked in October 2007. It lost half of its value in the last year and a half of the Bush administration. Under Obama, it has come back in three years to near peak. I lost hundreds of thousands under Bush, and gained every dime back under Obama. I purchased a new home in 2007. I took a $100,000 hit over the next two years. Things are stable, if not growing now. Much better.

At least you’re 56. Try 54 and facing voucher care; 55, full benefits; and 54, half benefits. How’s that fair?

James Radloff

Lone Tree

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