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In the real world

I am appalled by the stupidity of comments made by the current Eagle County commissioners.

They do, however, show the blatant disconnect they have with the real world.

Peter Runyon has compared running Eagle County to operating a private business, equating his position to that of a CEO; and Sarah Fisher suggested it really does take about four years to learn how to do this job.

First, in the real world, aka private business, CEOs are never given four years to figure it out.

They have to hit the ground running with setting philosophies that impact the business for good, making noticeable impressions within three to six months.

Frankly, do you know of any job that gives you four years to figure it out?

Secondly, as we all know, government works a whole lot different than private business.

Taxes are collected in good times and bad. Bad times for private business results in zero income and the closure of the business. Until a revolution, coupe d’etat, or death of the monarch, governments continue on and on indefinitely.

It’s time for a revolution. Vote “no” on the extension of term limits. Vote “yes” for Claudia Alexander.

George Risner


Didn’t happen

Being a volunteer football coach for two years in the mid-1990s and working with Coach Kottenstette at Eagle Valley Middle School, I must comment.

I admit was not at the game between Berry Creek and Gypsum Creek Middle Schools, but I agree that he did not run up the score.

My reasons are No. 1 he would not do it and No. 2 if you look at the second half score, 21-7 shows that Berry Creek made a fine effort at a comeback.

Steve Thiessen


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