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Just one example

It seems misguided for the Avon Town Council to accept parkland and a public school site dedication from Traer Creek-Village at Avon that has no access and no commitment from Traer Creek to provide access in the near term or possibly ever. Yet that seems to be the situation the residents and tax payers of Avon may be facing.

Testimony from developer interests at the town Planning and Zoning Commission hearings indicated that building a road to the area of the proposed public school site may not be economically feasible unless there is significant commercial interest in that area, and testimony revealed a road would be well into the future, if ever.

The proposed public school site located across the Eagle River from the former Paddy’s location is composed of primarily steep slopes. The access road would have to traverse Forest Service land and requires cuts and retaining walls in excess of 20 feet high, a costly project.

Placing public facilities of any kind in such an inaccessible area places both the town and the Eagle County School District in a position where they might have to pay for a multimillion dollar road to gain access to their land. Is the town or the school district prepared to build a road to this area if the developer does not do so? Why accept a parkland dedication in an area without access if other options are available?

Questions remain as to whether a two-lane road with steep retaining walls and no alternate access would even be safe for a school. Could evacuation be provided for a school in an emergency such as a gas leak or a fire? This question was raised at the Planning and Zoning Commission hearings, but no answer was provided.

Eagle County School District officials testified at the Planning and Zoning Commission public hearings the school district foresees a need for a school in the future to service the children that will come from the 3,000-plus proposed dwelling units planned for the valley floor and hillside north of I-70. The school district was clear that they require a minimum of 7 acres of flat buildable land for an elementary school.

The public school site dedication agreed to by the town and Traer Creek during the settlement is only, 3.7 acres. One way to achieve 7 acres for the public school would be to place the town parkland dedication adjacent to the school site, which would be a good plan except it results in both dedications being located on land with questionable access.

Locating a public facility such as a school or park in an area remote from most of the residential dwellings in Avon creates the necessity of schoolbus or vehicle access to the facility, which is not citizen friendly. Nor is this in the best interest of children or residents who might want to use the school or park after school hours.

So why did Traer Creek provide land in this area for a school? Why did the Town Council agree to a 3.7acre school site in this location? This is a question that must be asked of our Town Council.

I can only assume the Town Council did not have complete information available to them at the time of the settlement discussions. The unacceptable result is a perfect example of why land-use decisions are subject to public hearings in Colorado and are not a matter subject to contract or private negotiation. The school site is one of many issues between Traer Creek and the town of Avon that remain unresolved.

Bette Todd


Supports Stavney

Fourteen years ago Jon Stavney was elected as a trustee to the town of Eagle. This was just the first of several terms that Jon would serve for the town. In 2002, Jon was re-elected as trustee and in 2006 he was elected Mayor.

This driving desire for public service culminated in 2008 when Jon was elected to his first term as an Eagle County commissioner.

During his first four years as commissioner, Jon has shown an unwavering stance in support of economic development in Eagle County.

Jon is dedicated to the growth and improvements at the Eagle Regional Airport. He has supported the efforts to improve the facility’s infrastructure and quality of experience improvements. A business study is under way at this time to determine the viability of an international terminal for the airport.

Jon has provided the vision for growth and expansion at the Eagle County Fairgrounds. The county staff is currently reviewing possibilities to expand the Eagle River Center to make it an attractive venue for equestrian events, as well as more long term plans for the entire fairgrounds property.

Jon and his fellow commissioners have been negotiating to bring Eagle County its first assisted living and skilled nursing facility. A national operator was determined, the design team has been selected, and a location for the facility has been chosen.

Each of these items will bring more full-time jobs to the area, provide new construction job opportunities, and help rebuild the economy in Eagle County.

Re-elect Jon Stavney on Nov. 6 as our Eagle county commissioner.

Joe Knabel


Two different candidates

I don’t know what size shoe Mitt Romney wears or how big his mouth is, but I do know that one fits inside the other on a regular basis.

Because one idiot or very smart person (or organization) posted a 14-minute film clip on the Web portraying the Islamic prophet Mohammed from everything from a womanizer to a thug and lots of other things, the United States has had riots at its embassies in Egypt and Libya, in which four Americans were killed in Libya, including the U.S. ambassador.

At this writing almost nothing is known about the film’s producer. The film is poorly made, all of the actors, actresses and stage people involved (about 80) are pleading ignorance in not knowing the intent of the film. Doubtful that they are all lying and maybe none are.

President Obama issued a a statement in which he “condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack …. Those responsible will be brought to justice …. No acts of terror will shake the resolve of this great nation.”

Rather than issuing a statement that would help pull together our disparate political segments, Romney chose to place one part of his anatomy inside another by declaring that Obama’s statements were “disgraceful to apologize for American values.” What apology? There weren’t any in his statements.

It remains to be determined whether al Qaeda had any involvement in the making or placement of this film clip, but you can be sure that they have noticed. What a simple, easy strategy to further harm a nation already divided.

As for Romney’s comment. I call it aiding and abetting the enemy.

Jim Cameron

Four more years of this?

The presidential election is now less than two months away. Let’s take a close look as to why not to vote for a President Obama second term.

Mr. Obama was voted into office in 2008, so let’s address eight issues as to why to vote him out of office:

1. Under President Obama, the $16 trillion mark in total U.S. federal debt has now been met as of September 2012.

2. On the day President Obama was inaugurated (Jan. 1, 2009), a gallon of gasoline was on average $1.79 per gallon. Today it is $3.80-plus per gallon.

3. Under President Obama, long-term unemployment has risen above 140 percent from approximately 2,600,000 Americans to 6,400,000 Americans.

4. Since President Obama took office in early 2009, the number of food stamp recipients has risen from roughly 32 million to 46 million Americans (as of June 2012).

5. The growth of entitlement payments over the past 50 years has increased dramatically, and as we see in point No. 4 above, we have seen a significant increase in these entitlement payments under President Obama.

6. President Obama’s cutting of $100 billion per year from the U.S. defense budget is extremely concerning, especially with the Arab Spring and worldwide insecurity.

7. Obamacare, a $716 billion boondoggle and the largest tax increase in the history of the United States.

8. The “Fast and Furious” debacle under President Obama.

This is an enormous government scandal that has resulted in 2,500 guns being illegally transferred by the ATF into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Also, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has not complied with providing documents to Congress regarding this incident.

Put simply, “Fast and Furious” is an anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment move by the Obama administration.

So, do we really want four more years of sky-rocketing federal debt, a bad-and-getting worse economy, high unemployment figures, a welfare state mentality, a weaker national defense, increased taxes, and continued administration corruption?

I encourage all to vote for the Romney-Ryan GOP ticket in 2012, as it is obvious that the Obama administration has led us down the wrong path economically (Standard and Poor’s downgraded the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+, not surprising when you consider that the U.S. government is borrowing the equivalent of $3.5 million per minute), socially (entitlements), militarily (cutting defense spending), and morally (gay marriage).

This election is of utmost importance.

We must take a stand against the dangerous and radical Obama agenda.

Paul M. Gallagher


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