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He’s right about one thing

I am one of Mitt Romney’s 47 percent, although I am not and have never been a victim or a freeloader, as he implied.

The governor is correct, however, that I will not vote for him.

What senior in their right mind wants to privatize Social Security, leaving all or some of their retirement income in the hands of the Wall Street banksters?

What senior in their right mind would want to voucherize Medicare? Do you really think a $6,000 voucher is going to buy medical insurance if you develop cancer, heart disease or have a stroke in your 70s? Do you really think there is an insurance company out there that would insure you?

Medicare and Social Security are earned benefits, not entitlements. Those of us who are retired paid into these programs all our working lives so that we would have a more secure retirement.

There are reasonable fixes to both programs if our elected officials have the fortitude to sponsor them. Certainly, the (not so) loyal opposition will never do it.

It’s time to elect people who demonstrate that they care more about others than about their own pocketbooks.

Carole Onderdonk


Thanks from ‘Sue’s Cafe’

Wow, over 2,200 folks showed up on the first day of the Eagle Valley Community Fund rummage sale. How awesome is that, and that was the first day of four days of the sale. What a great event to raise money for close to 70 non-profit Eagle County groups-organizations!

Where else but at “Sue’s Cafe” in the main entrance can you get a cup of coffee and a doughnut for 50 cents each? Or how about lemonade, ice tea or a delicious baked good from local bakeries? We have so many folks and businesses that sponsor, donate and contribute to help the cafe be a great success, and how fortunate we are to have their support?

Our sponsors were Dietz Inc; Swallow Oil; Wells Fargo Bank; Bob and Helen Fritch; Fred Otto; Gallegos Masonary; Bruce Allen; Eagle Valley Enterprise; Team Black Bear Real Estate; Warner Development; Castle Peak Veterinary Services; Charlie Wick; Oran Palmateer; and Johnson-Kunkel … how wonderful.

If you enjoyed some of the great baked goods, they were furnished by the following: Cowboy Catering; Bonjour Bakery; Coyote Cafe; The Turntable; Beaver Creek Blue Moose; Columbine Bakery; Columbine Market; with the doughnuts from Avon City Market. Better believe they’re all awesome bakers!

Supplies for “Sue’s Cafe” were furnished by the City Markets of Avon, Eagle and Vail; Safeway; Village Market; Walmart; and Costco.

These folks are awesome. They’re so ready and willing to help out. We appreciate their contribution to “Sue’s Cafe” and the great success of the annual Eagle Valley Community Fund rummage sale.

Sue Mott

Eagle Valley Community Fund board member

What are you afraid of?

Eagle County commissioner candidate Jill Ryan paints a rosy, rainbow picture of the open space tax in a recent letter in the Vail Daily. Now comes the hard reality.

Your open space tax purchased a failing ranch near Basalt.

Your open space tax purchased a failing ranch in the Glenwood Canyon.

Your open space tax purchased a failing ranch owned by a former county commissioner near Burns.

Your open space tax purchased land next to another county commissioner’s home, I believe in order to maintain his property value.

Your open space tax almost purchased a failing ranch next to the Colorado River, but the public outcry was too great and the purchase was cancelled.

Your open space tax purchased river access along the Colorado River, but you will have to pay a $3 fee each time you use Doterso Landing, as was reported in the Vail Daily.

I am tired of politicians saying it will only cost X amount (you insert the dollars) per $100,000 in property taxes.

Many of us are not the 1 percent who have second homes in the county, where property tax is a non-issue. Many of us have budgets to live with, and each increase in property tax has a real consequence.

The open space tax was passed by only 51 votes in 2002. We did not foresee the abuses.

All we are asking is that we are given a chance to reconsider the open space tax. If it passes again, fine. If it fails, we get a tax break.

What are you afraid of? There are many outside groups and lobbying groups who have made our open space tax a cottage industry. Who wants to represent the people of Eagle County?

Michael Gross


So … we agree?

I had to respond to the letter by Gayle Merves. Ms. Merves states in point that “medical decisions are best made by a person, their family and their doctor, not you or me or sleazy politicians!”

Am I the only one that sees the irony here? She defends and supports Obamacare (aka, The Affordable Care Act), which in fact leaves medical decisions not to individuals, families and their doctors, but rather to politicians and bureaucrats.

To inform all readers, please be aware that there is an independent payment advisory board that will issue rules to determine which medical procedures you can or cannot have.

Perhaps Ms. Merves should have read all 2,000-plus pages of the Affordable Care Act before making this false statement.

Paul M. Gallagher


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