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Favor to ask of rec path cyclists

Most cyclists are respectful, safe and conscientious. But a few seem a bit dangerous.

When cyclists pass a runner on a rec path, it would be incredibly helpful and increase safety if the cyclist announced their approach, much like in skiing, with an “on your left” shout out.

While I’m running with my two dogs, the number of cyclists who fly by us without any warning astonished me. While I keep the dogs’ leashes taut, I’d be grateful for some warning of someone passing us quickly.

I am afraid one of my dogs (or me) might get hit if we move to the left or right, unaware that a rider is so close to us.

I have also witnessed riders zoom past small children on rec paths, and I fear injury is imminent.

Sometimes it’s tweens and teens who are the worst offenders, so as a parent, I plan to remind my own children of the importance of not whooshing by a runner or walker without some advance warning.

Let’s share our wonderful rec paths safely!

Nicole E. Dewell


Beyond thank you

M’dears! On July 15, a benefit for my daughter Kate Tennant was held in Wolcott at the Lazy J Ranch.

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund and many of Kate’s friends made that happening quite the memorable afternoon!

My silence has not been indicative of my thoughts, for the response in the community dedicated to Kate was extremely overwhelming for all of us.

You folks in the Vail Valley are very special! Thank you seems inadequate, but it’s never too late to say those words to such deserving people.

I am sending out utmost gratitude to all of Kate’s Colorado family from Kate’s back East family.

Ann S. Macintyre

Spencertown, N.Y.

Layman for commissioner

I am writing to strongly support Jeff Layman for Eagle County commissioner.

We have lived in Eagle County for almost 10 years and met Jeff at church in 2004. Jeff had been the president of our church council for two years. Churches can be very political with strong, conflicting personal opinions. Jeff did a good job because he is a unifier with a level head who represented everyone.

Jeff will also be a unifier as commissioner, bringing together all sides for the benefit of the entire county.

We feel that the last two commissioner groups forced a political agenda that we did not support and were not fiscally responsible. With the economy in disarray, I am sure that Jeff will carefully evaluate current and future expenditures to ensure that our very limited resources are not wasted, as has unfortunately happened in the past. He will work with everyone and will spend county money carefully.

As undersheriff for five years in Eagle County, chief of police in Avon for seven years and an office in Vail for 18 years, Jeff managed funds and often returned money to the taxpayers each year. Jeff is a stand-up, no-nonsense guy that will work hard for Eagle County. This has been his home for a long time, and he will do the best for all the people of the county, and not necessarily for a political agenda. Jeff has always worked hard for our county, and I know he will continue to do so as commissioner.

Don Donnalley


Angels on I-70

On Thursday, Oct. 4, our new rescue 8-year-old dog Clint got out of our yard after the wind blew the gate open, and there was no way I could catch up with him.

I did my best climbing the hill that took away my summer just so I could survey the area, and there he was, standing in the middle of the westbound lanes of I-70 facing head to the north and tail to the south. And there was a line of cars backing up on the highway, not passing or beeping or trying to hurt him.

I am so thankful. You see, on Super Bowl Sunday, my sweet Sasha died suddenly of a heart attack. She was 14. I was certain that I would never love another dog, but I do. I just want to thank you for not running my dog over and for being patient enough for an old lady to get her dog off the highway.

Most folk would say it was nice of you. I feel you are all angels. I want to say a special thanks to Steve Kirtle for walking Clint back home. Thank you does not seem like enough.

Thank you again. Every one of you is an angel on Earth. God bless.

Barbara Richardson


Right to shoot that bear

This letter is a response to the Eby Creek Mesa bear killing. I have lived in Gypsum 21 years, born and raised here. This year, by far, has been the worst for bears that I have ever seen. Since Aug. 17 to now, I have had four bears that come to my house daily, every night. They have done damage to my property, tried to get into my house and most recently my camper where my mom (who’s got a messed up shoulder, neck and a broken foot sleeps), and I have even had a bear take a swipe at me, coming inches from my face.

I know Joe personally. I know his actions are justified.

The Division of Wildlife has done nothing to prevent the bear-human conflicts. When I had the bear swipe at me, I was told it was a provoked attack, since I scared it when I looked out my window. So they did nothing.

I was also told by a game officer that if I feel physically threatened in any way, I have the right to shoot and kill the bear. Joe felt physically threatened for not only his life, but the lives of his newborn son and wife.

To the lady who said she had bears on her porch daily and enjoyed seeing them, I wonder how she would have reacted if this happened to her?

If the bear decided to turn your pets into its next lunch, how would you feel? We live in a society that overreacts to things. They hate people who kill bears or elk or what have you until the animals start to affect their lives and their property.

Joe is an Army veteran. He was trained to protect the soldiers and civilians around him. He acted with the right actions. Anyone in that situation would pull the trigger, as well. You don’t have time to think about what will happen afterward.

If it was your child in the next room, your basic instinct to defend your child overtakes your thinking, and you will do whatever you can in your power to protect your kid.

The fact he was charged at all is beyond wrong. With the wildlife officers doing nothing, we as home and property owners have to take matters into our own hands.

I know I will get a lot of backlash from this letter, and that’s OK. As I finish this letter, I will leave you all with one question. If at 5 a.m. you had a bear advance toward you in an aggressive manner and you had a brand new baby boy in the next room, what would you do? Stand back and allow the bear to attack while you dial 911, or would you take action and defend yourself and your family?

Ron Ladenburger


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