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15 years for CalvaryThis weekend, Calvary Chapel Vail Valley celebrates 15 years of ministry.Looking back over the years that they have been here, Pastor Tommy Schneider says, “my heart is overwhelmed by the fellowship I get to serve with, friends and family that have been here since the very first Sunday service at Singletree Community Center.” He and his family love this valley and the people in it and are “privileged and thankful to be able to serve here.”Pastor Tommy and his family moved here from Santa Barbara, Calif., to start Calvary Chapel in ’97. Having been sent out from Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara, they came with a vision to love and serve the people of this community.Tommy’s family quickly fell in love with the people of the Vail Valley. They have found a supportive, welcoming and accepting place to do ministry and 15 years later, Pastor Tommy says, “our love of this community has done nothing but grow.” Calvary started meeting mid-week at River Run Community Center in July 1997, and moved to the Singletree Pavilion a few months later for their first Sunday service. They quickly outgrew that facility and moved to Berry Creek Middle School, holding services there for over 11 years. After a few more moves, they have happily settled into the auditorium at Vail Christian High School, where they hold three Sunday services and a Wednesday night study.Calvary has been blessed with the opportunity to serve the community in a myriad of ways: Fall Fun Night on Halloween, The Family Fun Zone at Avon’s huge Fourth of July celebration at Nottingham Park, Backpack Outreaches, meals delivered to those in need and other local community projects. They also host MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers), a dynamic program designed to nurture mothers with children under the age of five.Calvary has an amazing, loving staff, committed to serving the fellowship and the community. They provide passionate worship services, amazing youth groups, kids programs, meals ministry outreaches, missions teams and support and have a vision and passion to love our community anyway that the Lord allows.Pastor Tommy, his family and the staff of Calvary Chapel Vail Valley are so excited to invite you to their 15th anniversary celebration! Tonight, they will be having a free concert with award-winning, top-selling Christian artist Jeremy Camp a 7 p.m.Pastor Tommy, his family and staff want to say a huge thank you to the pastors and churches of this valley that have faithfully served this community in the love of Christ. They also want to thank the Vail Valley for your support and love for the first 15 years, and they look forward to all that is ahead!For information on service times or outreaches, please contact Calvary Chapel Vail Valley at 970-926-3880 or visit them online at Texler VailVote for RyanAccess to health care is a major issue for Eagle County. One in four residents is uninsured, skilled nursing services are only available in neighboring counties and some chronically-ill patients need help to use health care resources more efficiently. With her master’s degree in public health, Jill will address all of these issues. Jill will continue the work of the current board in bringing a federally qualified health center to Eagle County to serve the uninsured. She will finish the work of securing a continuum of care retirement community in Eagle to offer independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing services, plus 60 new jobs. Finally, Jill has been a supporter of the local community paramedic program, which provides monitoring of vulnerable patients to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital readmissions, thus keeping health care costs down. Health care is expensive and can have local repercussions in terms of the premiums we all pay. Healthy residents lead to healthy families, a healthy community and a healthy workforce. I urge you to vote for Jill Ryan.Anne Robinson EagleEasy for him to saySo, I guess when Dave Mott was working as an inspector for a civil engineer, and I was surveying in roads, infrastructure and houses, we were not earning anything. It was all false prosperity in the Bush administrations. The 18 years I worked in this valley and made a paycheck was not earned at all, because the last four years took it away. Elam, B&B, Evans Chaffee, RA Nelson, etc. – all of you should give back your income received during the Bush years, you didn’t earn it, it was “false prosperity.” Wow, Dave, it sure felt like real work to me. I wish I could have earned my money and a little paradise on the river like you, then maybe I could vote for four more years of taking away dreams from hard-working Americans.John McMahan EdwardsRight in the minutes”Oh! what a tangled web we weave / When first we practice to deceive!”- Sir Walter Scott, poet, political author, 1771-1832.The more you know about the Vail Golf Clubhouse renovation, the more you dislike the process of government. I will attach two excerpts from the Vail Town Council minutes, prior to the ballot in 2011, when the council was discussing how to sell their plans for a new pavilion at the golf course to the public. You will also see that their promise to the public that the facility would be built within the existing building footprint has already been broken. You can also see that getting their event pavilion was concealed to the public with their changes in the ballot text. More recent discussions at the Vail Recreation District Board indicate that the destruction of No. 18 is not the only hole they plan to ruin as part of this political trade. The old master plan’s concepts of various golf hole ideas seems to be more reality than concept, according to recent recreation board meetings. It was made clear to me early on that the politicians would bond together to ram all this through. Vail Town Manager Stan Zemler’s early comments to me back in May were that the deal was struck between the Vail Recreation District Board and the Town Council to fund the clubhouse renovation assuming that an event center would be part of the deal. In his words, if any of the Vail Recreation District Board tries to back out of this deal now, the district would never get another dime from the town of Vail. This certainly explains the solidarity between these two groups to move forward regardless of the opposition that has been created with the public.Aug. 2, 2011, Vail Town Council minutes on the proposed ballot language on the clubhouse: “Renovation of the clubhouse at the Vail Golf Course and Nordic Center, including a new pavilion, was revised during the following discussion: Councilwoman Kerry Donovan stated this was the wording used in the polling survey. Councilwoman Margaret Rogers stated there are a number of people who are confused about the new pavilion. The architect, Campo, suggested the wording be community pavilion and extended deck. Councilwoman Kim Newbury said to use expanding and improving the clubhouse including a community space.” As we now know, the words “new” and “pavilion” and “extended deck” were never in the ballot language.Aug. 2, 2011, Vail Town Council minutes, excerpts of the discussion about the clubhouse: “Gretchen Busse, resident, stated … she was told the pavilion would be 6,000 square feet and didn’t think that was appropriate as this is a residential area … concerned about adequate parking. Mayor Dick Cleveland said the information she got was incorrect. The pavilion will be in the footprint of the existing golf course clubhouse.” As we now know, the new clubhouse design extends well past the current footprint, and the extended deck now necessitates shortening the golf course on No. 18 to accommodate the expanded event deck. Dale Bugby

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