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A big win for Eagle and a huge win for Eagle County today. Tax and spend politicians, beware. One down and one more to go in November. What Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon fail to see is that you cannot raise people’s taxes without consequences, particularly in an economic downturn.

I think people of my generation (yes I am 51 years old and a product of the ’60s) realize the fact that our “radical” views back then still apply today, bigger government is not the answer, but truly the problem. Way to go, Eagle!

Karl Berger

It was the final play of the game; fourth down and five yards to go. With 19 seconds left on the clock Vince Young scrambled eight yards and the Texas Longhorns won their fourth national title, stunning the USC Trojans. The final score was 41-38.

Can you imagine if sometime early in the fourth quarter the rumblings started; give it up, quit, you are not going to win anyway? Maybe some people believed that USC had already won and it was time to go home. And they were wrong.

Wrong, too, are the people urging Senator Clinton to end her campaign to win the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for president. Pushing Clinton out now disenfranchises voters in states that have not yet held primaries.

Wrong, too, are the people who think this hurts the Democratic party. Sparring and debating makes both candidates match tough. Whoever the Democrats choose will have to face the Swift-boat crazies already gearing up in the Republican machine; neither candidate can afford to let their defenses down or assume the scurrilous, unethical attacks are not coming ” because they are.

If I were either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton I would shift much of my campaigning to attack McCain and the Republican record for the last eight years. War in Iraq, Bin Laden’s whereabouts, FEMA response to Katrina, recession, stagnant wages for most Americans but the very wealthy ” it is a target-rich environment.

Furthermore, demands that the super delegate vote mirror the popular vote is wrong and would render the super delegates superfluous. The super delegates should make their voting decision they way any rational voter would; weighing the aspects of a candidate and a campaign they believe to be the most critical; policy and program proposals, leadership traits, managerial ability, experience, vision, etc. If Democrats wanted to choose a candidate solely on the popular vote we should have never come up with this super delegate thing to begin with. But we have it for this election and their votes are their own.

Deirdre Noble

Concerning the Lodgepole pine: Recently Andy Stewart responded to a letter to the editor I had written concerning the blighted lodge pole pine in White River National Forest.

While fire may be a real risk resulting from the death of so much of the lodge pole pine population, I believe that for Mr. Stewart to say that fire is what is needed is drearily nihilistic. Vail Village to mid-Vail is well within the range of the Colorado spruce and the fir. A little walk around the village will confirm that. During many happy years of snowboarding and hiking the trees I have noted thriving stands of spruce and fir from the Village to mid-Vail, in areas where the lodgepole is/was dominant. As the large stands of lodgepole pines continue to die, these species will be able to thrive. Vail to mid-Vail is easily within the natural habitat of these beautiful spruce and fir.

An excellent scientific reference to confirm their altitude range in the Southern Rockies can be found at Based on extensive personal anecdotal evidence in addition to published scientific evidence, I maintain that planting spruce and fir amongst the dead and dying stands of doomed lodgepole pines is economically and scientifically reasonably.

I believe this provides a better solution than either waiting for fire or the helicoptering out of dead lodgepoles. I also believe that lively open debate essential and I commend Mr. Stewart in joining that debate. My worst fear is that the quiet and the beauty of skiing, snowboarding and hiking the trees will be replaced by yet more mountainside Disney-like attractions as lower Vail becomes treeless and open bowl-like. For my part, I will be planting spruce and fir seedings and saplings this summer.

Dr. Tom Connelly, Stuart Fla., and Vail Colorado

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