Vail Daily obituary: Aggie Givren, 1937-2016 |

Vail Daily obituary: Aggie Givren, 1937-2016

On Dec. 9, 2016, our beloved mother, Aggie Givren, passed away with her son Mark by her side.

In many ways, Aggie’s life was that of an innocent, romantic dreamer. For much of her life she split her time between Harwichport, Massachusetts, and Vail. At an early age, with the endearing guidance of her father, she developed a love for boating and a passion for spending as much time on Nantucket Sound as she could, with family and friends. During the winters, you would find her in Vail spending joyful hours on the slopes also with friends and family.

Aggie was the sort of mom that kids dreamed of. All my friends were envious of how cool our mom was. She always encouraged her children to follow the dreams in their hearts and did everything in her power to support them along their respective paths.

My mom was a rare woman that could: expertly ski double diamonds, catch fish off a boat, turn heads with her grace and beauty, cook a vast variety of amazing meals, sew her children’s ski racing outfits, set a spinnaker while rounding a buoy, design her own kitchen, graciously host crowds of rowdy teenagers, run the garden club, re-stitch her own wedding dress for her daughter and so much more.

Our mother filled our lives with adventure, creativity, spirituality … and always with a warm generosity of heart and a joyful twinkle in her eyes. Aggie had many dear friends. This is from Mary J. Curran a friend of Aggie’s since age 9:

“In some ways, ‘little Aggie’ was the boy that her dad, Jay Givren, never had. He taught her to drive and navigate his 20-foot Lyman Islander down Herring River into Nantucket Sound on Cape Cod chasing blues and stripers. She drove any car and skied with the same daring speed. Yet she was a petite sweetheart with big blue eyes, long lashes and silver bangles that attracted many a young Cape Cod lad who longed for a date and, if they were really lucky, a pair of hand-knitted argyle socks. She loved her dad’s boxer and looked for mischief and adventure wherever she could find it … she always led the giggles when she was caught.”

Aggie is survived by her sister Anne Kavanaugh; her children, Lynne, Mark and Scott; her four grandchildren, Lauren, Andrew, Liam and Natalia; and many nieces, nephews and cousins. As sad and as hard as it is to mourn the passing of our dear mother we all know how very blessed we’ve been to have been touched by the loving presence of our mom, Aggie. I’d like to imagine that Aggie’s spirit will forever be dancing in the waves of Nantucket Sound and sparkling in the majestic snowcapped mountains that look down on Vail Valley. Aggie will be missed dearly, yet remembered sweetly, forever in our hearts.

Her children: Lynne, Mark and Scott.

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