Vail Daily Our View: What we can learn from Kendra |

Vail Daily Our View: What we can learn from Kendra

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

Feeling sorry for yourself and your lot in life? A lot of us do right now, understandably.

But consider that while a young man living the dream as a Denver Broncos wide receiver finds reason to end it all with a gunshot, a young woman who many here know relishes life despite the fates taking her feet and hands.

Consider Kendra Creek, 22. Bacterial meningitis struck May 1 out of nowhere. In the bloom of life, suddenly she was in an emergency room, her parents informed she might not last the night, a stranger telling her she had to fight for her life, then unconsciousness.

She was in an induced coma for three weeks, then endured seven surgeries including amputations.

Finally, she’s being fitted for bionic hands to replace what took for granted like the rest of us until a few months ago.

How would you feel?

Here’s what she said when a writer asked this week: “I’m actually wonderful.”

None of us knows what’s around the next bend. Here in paradise we have more than our fair share of life’s lottery winners, no question. Most fully earned their way, and a few were born to their circumstances. And it goes the other way, too. The middle class here might be a bit thin, wedged in a high-price community between the fabulously wealthy and those who struggle to make the rent or mortgage.

Unhappiness, however, seems to respect no boundaries of wealth, health or talent. It’s one of those mysteries in life.

Let’s turn back to Kendra, who might just be in the best position of all to give us some perspective: “It’s life, and you have to get through it. You just bust your butt and make the right choices.”

We can’t know the pain or situation that brought such a young, athletically gifted and lucky young man to his end via a bullet, or cast judgments on that other than he obviously didn’t get the help he desperately needed.

But we can note that Kendra didn’t get the benefit of life’s lottery this time. And we admire her for her richness of attitude toward living in circumstances that might seem just impossible and so, so unfair. Which they indeed are.

We can draw inspiration from her, too, for how we choose to live our own lives.

– Vail Daily Editorial Board

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