Vail Daily Publisher Don Rogers: Must see Palin on TV |

Vail Daily Publisher Don Rogers: Must see Palin on TV

Don Rogers
Vail, CO Colorado

Sarah Palin may well become our first reality show president.

I think she’s a fool, and hold my nose at reality TV. So why do I think her show is kind of cool?

Yes, sigh, we were among the 5 million to watch the premiere Sunday on TLC.

She’s the first real incarnation of Ronnie Reagan, if you think about it. Hah! Make my day.

Here’s the deal: I can’t imagine a worse president, and yet I liked this lady. Uh, oh. Also very Reaganesque. Only, he had some understanding of the Evil Empire. She almost can see Siberia on a clear day.

And still, I wanted to see her show. Weird. Why was that?

Was it fascination with pending train wrecks? What clueless beauty queen drivel would she come up with next?

I dig Alaska. That had to be part of it. “Sarah Palin’s North Dakota” might not have exactly the same appeal.

This is Alaska, bigger than life. And Sarah, kookier than life. And who knows, maybe enough people who think like her to make her president of the United States.

Remember, we elected Reagan. Twice. I’m pretty sure he had Alzheimer’s by his second term.

Let’s not even discuss W. Bush. Palin, frankly, could not be any worse. Could she?

I go for candidates like Romney. Cool, collected, reasonable. But who would want to see Mitt in Massachusetts, unplugged?

Nah, Sarah fascinates. Mitt? Snore.

Mama Grizzly, hype and all, is a true force in this country.

She parlayed John McCain’s bizarre choice as vice presidential candidate into millions and stardom. It might have cost him the presidency, and it definitely lifted her prospects immeasurably. He should get royalties.

I’m just amazed by the whole spectacle. Ain’t America great?

Ronald Reagan rose to the presidency from B-roles in the movies. Sarah Palin could rise there out of reality TV.

It’s all so … appalling. And so fascinating. Yes, I just had to watch.

The show wasn’t bad, actually. Kind of MTV-ish. The format was familiar – action mixed with sidebar interviews of Sarah remembering the moment and what she was thinking. Could have been Flavor Flav, minus the giant clock, the Jersey thing without the drunks and made-up conflicts.

Sarah has a healthy sense of humor, if a slightly annoying voice. Husband Todd plays the straight man very well, mainly by letting her do all the talking.

The star is Alaska itself, of course. But I found myself drawn to the family, even if the kids have these strange names.

My vote? Not a chance.

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