Vail Daily review: Summer may fade, but True Blonde lingers |

Vail Daily review: Summer may fade, but True Blonde lingers

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A friend who was one of my traveling buddies when we first started exploring craft beer disagrees whenever I mention I like microbrews in cans. He can’t stand ’em, while I think they’re great.Now, I like a good beer in a dark-brown bottle as much as the next guy, but summertime fun that includes beer is so much easier when you can carry that beer in lightweight, easy-to-pack-out-and-recyle aluminum.Summer fun also requires beer that’s relatively light and tasty – something I call “guzzle-ability.”Ska Brewing’s True Blonde Ale scores on all counts. In fact, I’ve spent the better part of two summers enjoying its charms. Since it’s an ale, it’s smoother than a pilsner – in fact, it’s silky-smooth – with a bit more body and less bite than many light-colored beers.When I finally took the time to pour some True Blonde into a glass, I was impressed by the rich color (for a blonde ale) and the delicate lacing the head created as the beer somehow disappeared. Those bubbles keep rising up from the bottom of the glass, too, so the beer’s crispness remains ’til the last swallow.I’ve been generally impressed with pretty much everything I’ve sampled from the folks at Ska, and their Website’s a hoot, complete with genuine ska music that plays as you peruse the various products (one hint – please bring back the Euphoria seasonal brew this winter).Durango may be the Spanish word for “a long way from here,” but it’s a good thing this beer has made the trip. And next time I’m down in the southwest corner of the state, I’m going to have to pay them a visit.This beer is available at Alpine Wine & Spirits in Vail, Avon Liquors, Beaver Liquors in Avon, Eagle Ranch Wine & Spirits, Village Warehouse Wines in Avon and West Vail Liquor Mart.Scott N. Miller, Business Editor

Jammy, fruity and bright on the palate, this red blend from Down Under is an inexpensive crowd pleaser perhaps best bought by the case. Unless you’re a confirmed dry-wine drinker, what’s not to like? With strong blackberry and raspberry notes, mellow tannins and a friendly, full mouth, this blend is about half Cabernet Sauvignon, a quarter Malbec and 15 percent Shiraz, with the balance rounded out with Petit Verdot grapes. The Cab serves as a good base while the Malbec and Shiraz give this bottle the bright fruit notes and additional structure. For a 10-dollar bottle, this is a nice, even, highly drinkable blend that would hold up well to strong meat or pasta dishes – or drink very nicely any time.This wine is available at Alpine Wine & Spirits in Vail, Avon Liquors and West Vail Liquor Mart.Alex Miller, Summit Daily Editor

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