Vail Daily Video: A new connection for residents |

Vail Daily Video: A new connection for residents

EAGLE COUNTY — First there was the printed word, and it was good. Then there was video, and it's good, too. A marriage of words and videos is even better.

There's a lot of good stuff on the website today, with the launch of Vail Daily Videos. The upper right-hand corner of the home page for the first time brings together all of the Vail Daily's video offerings in one easy-to-find place. Better yet, Vail Daily Videos also serves as an archive.

If you can't remember Ross Leonhart's joke from the Jan. 28 edition of the "On the Hill" mountain report, then you can find it.

Great features

Tricia Swenson's Dec. 22 video feature about Sun & Ski Sports is just a couple of clicks away. So is her Jan. 30 feature on Pink Vail's Spirit of Survival.

These videos, along with the rest of content, is also optimized for mobile use, so you can see quite a bit on a bus ride from the West Vail Safeway to Vail Village.

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Trending videos have their own home on the page, too. There, you can see a preview of the Feb. 19 Vilar Performing Arts Center performance by Vocalosity, a group of a cappella all-stars.

The idea is to give an easy-to-find home for the Vail Daily's rapid expansion into online video. It's part of the company's expansion from printed words to moving images, becoming what publisher Mark Wurzer calls "a publishing company" that goes beyond printed news.

Swenson is a 20-year veteran of Vail Valley television, and long a stalwart at the TV8 cable channel. After starting work at the Vail Daily in the middle of 2016, Swenson said she's impressed by the impact the video expansion has already had.

The demand is growing and awareness is increasing," Swenson said. "People are enjoying getting their information in a different format than they're used to at the Vail Daily."

Print companions

For the advertisers and others who still prefer print, Swenson's Off the Hill and Vail Today features have accompanying stories in the Vail Daily's print edition. That allows her to tell more of the story.

The Off the Hill advertising features and Vail Today unpaid pieces both run about two-and-a-half minutes in length. That's long enough to tell a good story, but not so long that a viewer gives the piece an "ain't got the time" click to another spot.

For Swenson, a born story-teller, the combination of words and images has been a boon.

If a client or feature subject believes 150 seconds isn't enough time to tell a story, well, there's a printed piece to go along with the video feature.

The response so far has been enthusiastic, she said.

"People will say, 'Oh, I saw the video you did,' or 'Oh, I saw your story in the paper,'" Swenson said. Other people thank her for the exposure businesses and events are receiving.

The video library also gives guests a chance to see what's going on in the valley before they arrive.

The daily On the Hill video features give guests and locals a user's-eye view of conditions on the mountains, both summer and winter, from snowboards to e-bikes.

Off the Hill and Vail Today give viewers a look inside events, nonprofit groups and businesses.

"We already have a great following — more than 900,000 page views a month on," Swenson said. Vail Daily Video should expand that reach, she said.

"Vail Daily Video is on-demand and it's all in one place. It really helps people feel connected to the valley."

Vail Daily Business Editor Scott Miller can be reached at 970-748-2930, or @scottnmiller.

Video features

• On the Hill: Hosts John LaConte and Ross Leonhart bring the on-mountain experience to your screen.

• Off the Hill: Host Tricia Swenson visits some of the valley’s top businesses.

• Vail Today: Swenson looks at the nonprofit groups, events and people that give the Vail Valley its special flavor.

Those and other video features are on