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Ali Hasan: Monorail to Vail still makes sense

Here’s a comment to a recent column from Ali Hasan, who ran unsuccessfully for the state House in the fall:

I continue to believe Hasan would be a great politician. He’s sticking his neck out on what seems to be an impossible dream and that take courage.

However some of what he writes is misleading and inaccurate. Hasan seems to love Ronnie, as do most Republicans up here. I’m a blue guy, but I voted for Ronnie.

The truth is, Ronnie enacted some of the largest tax increases in United States history. Ronnie’s most famous tax acts were classic socialism, including the grand daddy of them all, the EITC (earned income tax credit).

It’s misleading to say that Ronnie invested in technology. Ronnie did sign into act divestiture, which broke up the phone companies. But that’s all he did.

The work was done by two liberal Democrats;: Judge Harold Greene, who presided over the case; and Jimmy Carter, who appointed Greene to preside over the case. Both Greene and Carter were liberal Democrats.


Eagle County leaders set lofty goals

A commenter is gloomier than the Eagle County commissioners about the future:

There will be ample worker housing for 2009 I believe without building more. I believe this because many jobs, companies and businesses will no longer exist in 2009 or the owners will be down-sizing them in a large way. That means less or no employees at all.

The recession will hit harder here this spring. Those restaurants who have noticable business slowdown right now during the skiing-Christmas time will lose many of their tourists and 2nd home owners when the snow and folks breaks end.

Those people represent money and a service need and as todays paper said-these people are cutting back on spending right now.


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