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The town of Avon and Beaver Creek are interested in talking about cooperating for bus service. That provoked one commenter to take the idea a step further:

I would also like to see ECO bus on that table as well.

The bus system in our tiny valley is pretty frustrating. We have at least four different bus operations going on in Eagle County. For 50.000 people at most.

We need one bus system in the valley, not three or four. The worst-case scenario would be that you have to buy two bus tickets to get somewhere. I hope that won’t happen.


A couple of commenters had diverging views on the consideration of new “brands” for the county, including a new logo. The county has paid $36,500 for a study on the topic.

This is much ado about nothing. The county is rightly updating its brand, which will likely serve them very well for many years to come, not to mention unify many entities under one visual mark. That makes sense. The amount of money paid for the extensive research and logo development was ridiculously fair” try pricing that work at comparably qualified firms.

County commissioners: Survey your key stakeholders, weigh those against your own opinions, and select the new brand. Opening the process to the public and prolonging this effort benefits no one. If the research is right, the community will recognize the brand as something that, indeed, reflects them. Make your decision, organize a terrific launch event, be the brand’s champion, trademark (protect) the brand, and begin swiftly transitioning toward it. Then pat yourselves on the backs for taking a great marketing step.

Brand fan

What a waste of $36,500. People don’t visit Eagle County as a destination. They visit Vail and Beaver Creek. Maybe we should start spending money on something that is actually useful.


Vail’s efforts to free up more parking are less than impressive, one commenter said.

Haha, a whole ten spots for 30 minutes … that should give you just enough time to do … nothing.

They need to make the garage cheaper instead of more expensive every year. It’s still going to fill up. It is really getting insane to even ski these days. They could have spent that ridiculous gondola money in (Beaver Creek) to build another garage, or just take the cash and make it cheaper for everyone.

It’s exhausting … seriously. Almost worth not even going … almost … .


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