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Eagle work could mean 1,900 jobs

A story about the Eagle River Station shopping center proposal gaining support from local contractors who see employment potential inspired these comments on

Translation: Eagle River Station is absolutely desperate to find ANY support among locals in the valley. I wondered how long it would be until they brought out the “jobs” card again. I can’t wait for the next press release, oops, I mean “article” to show up in the Daily/Enterprise.

restless native

I’m a local contractor who’s work has been quite lean, and I would rather starve for a little longer than have our town transition to a big box Denver suburb. There are more important things than money.

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Robert Crawford


There is an interesting unemployment level heat map for Colorado at


Did Trinity/Red pay for this ad?


How many of those construction jobs RED claims will be created will go to local contractors? There’s a great video that shows what RED has done in the Kansas City suburb of Lee’s Summit, less than 30 miles from their office.

Lee’s Summit gave RED roughly $52 million in economic incentives for the Summit Fair “lifestyle” center, and repaid the local taxpayers by bringing in out-of-state contractors for major portions of the construction of the project. Look at RED’s history. Local construction jobs? I don’t think so!


… Please open and read folks, then think long and hard if you want to be drawn in to such a situation.

“Cities are better off with a stalled project than a bankrupt city, if a project needs that kind of support, it needs to be baked further. It needs more time.” – Dan Lowe, managing partner and co-founder RED Development in the Kansas City Star article:

RED has just “borrowed” $9 million from Lee’s Summit to “finish” the Summit Fair “lifestyle” center! Does Eagle have enough money to “bail” RED out if they get in the same fix here that they’re in there?


Important! Be sure to view the “you tube” link posted below. This will prove that RED Development “stretches the truth” and they do ask for subsidies and do use ou- of-town contractors. And, yes, this article seems as if it is a paid RED ad- like so many others. At least Don Cohen gets it: A small net gain, if anything, he said. How about all the tax dollars lost when local businesses go out of business or tax dollars just shift sides of town (Eagle Pharmacy and City Market sales being lost to Target).

Go to http://www.nobailout4 to see more truth about the Lee’s Summit project and others and where/who the work contract went to. There are many projects where RED used out-of-state workers. Eagle will be no exception. … Eagle residents, tell RED they aren’t wanted or needed here! No to ERS!


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