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County manager departs

There were many comments following a story about Eagle County Manager Bruce Baumgartner resigning. While county leaders were mum, citing laws about divulging personnel matters, speculation by a few on the Web ran a bit rampant. Here are a couple of the comments:

No, I do not think it is reasonable to expect them or any other employer, public or not, to air all of those details publicly. If you want that level of detail, run for office and get it first hand. It is not a matter of trying to hide anything, just a matter of being a good employer and not having employees fear having insult added to the injury of being let go.


Why can’t we get a straight answer from the commissioners? Fisher was quoted as saying that they didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to do this and that they want to take a new direction. If the answer is a simple as you profess, then why do we get all of this political double talk? …

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