Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: A healthy gift in disguise |

Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: A healthy gift in disguise

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

My best gift for Christmas was an extra helping of humble pie.

It’s a valuable and lasting present, and I guess I welcome it, ultimately. No choice, in any case.

With this tiny gift, I become reacquainted with the virtues of empathy, understanding, Mom making health No. 1 for one’s happiness, realizing again that I ain’t really all that. The world turns just fine without me.

But this week, really? Sore throat in a talking job, eyes like Satan’s first cousin’s and just tired and cranky enough to tell cuz to sit up straight and quit horsing around.

There’s enough stress and overwhelmed folks acting out this time of year at the office. It’s a lot crazier here in the holiday season than at normal papers, too. Every passing emotion, good and bad, swings higher or lower, along with these little rages suspicious of steroids, although there ain’t much in the way of biceps among this crew.

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Or maybe it’s just how I’m reacting this year, not so much with the patience of long experience but a “here we go again” weariness. I can’t talk, but I find the eyes kind of helpful.

On balance, though, our folks are having a pretty good month in a pretty good year. Just been a long one, with lots of ups and downs and ups again in the biz. Easy to lose perspective while in the grind.

My second best present is Cathy, our new advertising director. She’s a pro from the bigger town who already is making a big difference for us. The poor sellers were stuck with the career editor overseeing the department for six months – talk about your Satan’s mischief. Great learning experience for me, and they did well, especially over summer.

The news staff, short-handed by the standards of the boom, is the strongest set of folks the Daily has seen, and I’d put them up against any news staff I’ve worked with in a quarter of a century now.

Just as we mark our great presidents by the crises they took on during their terms, everyone here has been battle tested in ways not seen in our lifetimes.

In short, collectively we were humbled pretty good from our high perch during the big boom. The whole valley was, frankly. I know we’re not out of the hole yet, especially if your business has little to do with visitors.

Still, sore throats and Satan’s eyes aside, things are looking up this Christmas.

We appreciate this maybe a little more for having been so low before.

I keep this in mind as I soldier through. It’s going to feel so good when I’m well again. Can’t wait.

Otherwise, we take our successes for granted. Unhealthily so.

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