Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: Sweet Apathy rules Eagle |

Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: Sweet Apathy rules Eagle

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Greetings from inside the iron grip of Big Business, from the hive.

I confess the election wasn’t fair. Nope, just another successful exercise in mind control. Enough of you poor fools in Eagle failed to put on your aluminum foil hats to keep us at bay one more time.

Thank you for that.

So now you know all the “yes to ERS” votes had nothing to do with thinking things through and making a best choice for Eagle’s future.

Those voters just got stung by the special bees we so deviously set loose. Yep, we created zombies for ERS. How else to explain these results, right?

By now you know I was stung first. But you probably didn’t notice the words I wrote backwards with special messages embedded, which triggered the hypnotic effect. Whoohaha. … Excellent. I’m drumming my fingers together.

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It was all Big Business, The Man, again, toying with your tender feelings, manipulating your every thought, making you vote against your will.

Of course, only the strongest, best minds could withstand the onslaught and vote the only logical way — against Eagle River Station.

Yeah, that must be the ticket.

Only, I’m not sure how to explain the 1,700 people who didn’t bother voting. Those are the ones I worry seriously about. The 57 percent who participated at least understood that this is a big crossroads for Eagle.

The vote was close again. ERS was rejected in 2010 by 156 votes out of 2,266 cast. On Tuesday it won by 225 votes, out of 2,269 cast.

And this election, as in 2010, nearly 2,000 voters couldn’t make themselves care one way or the other. Even The Man couldn’t get through to corrupt their minds by malevolent means — you know, like discussing the project, getting it approved by the Town Board and campaigning for it — to interest 43 percent of the electorate in voting on their future.

More people didn’t vote at all than voted “yes,” or than voted “no.”

Never mind Big Business or this town supposedly torn apart by Eagle River Station. Sweet Apathy collected the most voters by far.

Only a third of Eagle’s eligible voters participated in the town elections in April, which was pretty good considering these elections have attracted 10 percent turnouts some years.

Our challenge in smalltown America is much less some corrupting elite preying on anyone so much as a willful civic ignorance about things that matter greatly to us as communities.

Or maybe that’s the hive mind talking. Anyone have a foil hat to spare? I’m thinking it’s crazy that so many voters sat this one out.

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