Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: Vail Daily’s on a little roll |

Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: Vail Daily’s on a little roll

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Not to jinx this. The year is young, the economy still fragile. But we’ve got a pretty good thing going at the Daily right now.

The business side is making its numbers (knock on wood). Great new magazine, Vail Luxury, has been flying off the shelves. The new weekly guide for visitors and locals looking for fun turned out to be a hit, too.

And the ol’ core daily paper still is getting read like it’s 1952 and the television age hasn’t quite kicked in. I can’t have a conversation with a visitor, second-home owner or neighbor without some mention of what they just saw in the paper.

Collecting a nice little haul of award loot from the Colorado Press Association and the Associated Press last weekend kind of capped this all for me.

Well, that and the snow has started flying again. Let’s not get crazy.

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I don’t even have anything grumpy to say this week about Avon’s town council or the school board and administration. I’ve kind of said what I believed needed saying, and besides, I think our public servants are good people who aim generally to do the right thing. It’s just our role to poke and prod on occasion.

Believe me, I’m no less critical of our folks. But one thing I really love about this crew is I don’t think anyone has even a flicker of holding back when they think the old dude has screwed up or said something dumb (what, again?).

There’s very little bowing to the almighty authority in the house. Not that it wouldn’t be nice every once in awhile to get a little respect around here …

Well, admittedly I do sometimes pull the boss card. Much as I’m razzed about always having to have the last word, though, I view the commandant moments as failures. Much, much better when someone has a great idea and we all fire up to make it happen. Or we talk things through.

What makes this group special is they have strong ideas to go with strong initiative and commitment. They may scare up some doubts about their good sense and sanity, but they care intensely about their work — about being not just good, but great. Now, they may not quite articulate it that way, but I see it. There’s a lot of pride in this bunch. They are out to be the best.

This year and last they earned General Excellence honors among over four dozen awards. In 2011 they led our Rocky Mountain empire in sales growth. I put them at the top with innovations.

Mostly, I’m seeing something I haven’t seen since the Great Recession hit. Some definitive wins. And maybe just a hint of that swagger, that confidence which marks champs.

I’m proud of them. Just don’t tell ’em. Shh. Don’t want to ruin the magic just as we’re building momentum.

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