Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: What we really want |

Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: What we really want

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Black Friday vs. Occupy Wall Street.

Any question who wins?

OK, try this for perspective: That park Occupy Wall Street took over? Let’s take just one store in the neighborhood. Say, Macy’s. The crowd pressing the doors to that one store vs. the Occupy crowd, with all their earnest, hippy, vague “we’re not gonna take it any more” vibe.

Against the crush for Christmas?

No contest.

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That was just Macy’s. Shall we move on? To Best Buy? Target? …

Occupy this.

Americans overwhelmingly are all about what the Occupy crowd protests.

In truth, Occupy is the 1 percent. Sadly enough.

Our economy has come to be based ever more on a “shop until you drop” culture.

Our GOP, oops, I mean GDP, depends on it.

We’ve put “materialistic” on steroids, and I don’t mean that necessarily as a bad thing. Why, I just bought an iPad, for which there is no actual value to my life that I can tell, but I feel cool anyway. If you know me, and my children will eagerly confirm this, there’s neither hint nor hope of coolness to me. Other than the iPad. Oh, and the new iPhone. Next I’ll get a jump shot.

OK, where were we? Ah, yes, America’s soul. Occupy has no chance against our commercial culture. Black Friday rules. Long live Taiwan. No one cares – or knows, really – about the euro. Just get us The Stuff and cheap. We have our kids to satisfy, even to mace or kill for.

Those neo-hippies – or is it post-hippies? – occupying all these places, even Aspen, better get out of the way. It’s Christmas, pal. I mean: Get. Out. Of. The. Way.

Walmart alone the morning after Thanksgiving blew the whole earnest and yes, dopey, Occupy thing away.

I love that some advertising dude in Canada started this protest. Mad Men of the 2010s. Awesome. Brilliant marketing to combat the very thing that made Madison Avenue king.

Meanwhile, back at Black Friday, retail reveled in the gains over last year and the year before. There is hope yet.

Everything changed forever with the Great Recession? You sure about that?

The yuppy ethic yet prevails. China depends on us, along with the rest of the Third Wor…, er, “developing nations.” Global warming bows to globalization. God help the kids.

In short, Occupy matters even less than the tea party, if only for a complete lack of direction.

What do you want?

It’s obvious the true 99 percent just wants to shop.

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