Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: Why I love this band, Yukon Kornelius |

Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: Why I love this band, Yukon Kornelius

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

Here’s the best kept secret in rock concerts: Yukon Kornelius.

I’m serious.

Where else does the Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies, Guster, Twisted Sister and Ratt come together? Who did I leave out? Someone else big, I’m sure.

That was the conglomeration that played at the Doboson Ice Arena two years ago during Snow Days, easily the highlight for me, no disrespect to the great bands that played then.

This one was just too much fun, no one taking themselves seriously, just good, good friends relaxing the best way rock ‘n’ rollers and a stray actor know how, singing each others’ songs, playing their instruments, and cracking up, a lot.

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The cool part was they let an audience come.

Here’s my enduring memory from that concert, besides the silly lady on some guy’s shoulders who pulled off her top next to us: Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider, tailor-made for the arena scene he inhabited so well back in the day, letting it rip in a more nightclubby setting at our little bandbox, the Dobson. It was nothing short of awesome. He has lost nothing.

So, the band will be back Saturday, with some further mixing and matching. Who knows who will show up? I’m thinking it might be a little chilly outside at Ford Park for the silly lady’s antics.

But Dee Snider will be there, along with the core: Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies (guitar, vocals), Stefan Lessard from the Dave Matthews Band (bass), Adam Gardner from Guster (guitar, vocals), and Eric Fawcett of Spymob (drums).

We know that Pearl Jam’s lead guitar player, Mike McCready, is joining in. Also new for Saturday are O.A.R.’s Marc Roberge (lead vocals and guitar) and Jerry DePizzo (sax), and one of my very favorites, Dave Matthews Band trumpet player Rashawn Ross.

My daughter is flying home just for the concert. That’s really how I know this will be good.

Naturally, my favorite part of all this is the chance to be with her.

It’s been awhile since Daddy was the apple of her eye, who got all the sweet hugs and first looks at the finger paintings, the tables turned with the bedtime book (“Daddy, I’ll read to you tonight.”)

These are great musicians and all. I’m a fan, certainly, and love the garage band vibe they bring when they get together.

But really, what I truly love about this concert is hanging out with my daughter, even if for her now, it’s putting up more or less patiently with her goofy father. (Mom is still cool.)

Sweet that we like the same music.

Well, for me anyway.

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