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Vail Daily’s Hits and Misses

Vail Daily Staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

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HIT: To the little things, like the town of Vail making river rock and landscaping materials available for pickup Saturday morning at the construction site of the West Vail fire station. It’s where Wendy’s used to be.

HIT: To not forgetting some big things, like Vail also is doing by keeping the always knotty problem of employee housing in its sights in a town of 70 percent second homes. Perhaps more “attainable” now, housing remains very expensive in the valley and is the prime expense in this pricey place to live.

MISS: To overreaction to so-called parking woes in Vail other than the town charging too much in the structures during winter. They do it because they can, of course. As construction work finally ebbs in the town, they’ll find that spaces no longer filled by workers will ease the “problem” considerably. The problem of frontage road parking is exaggerated.

HIT: To the Vail Valley Partnership working cooperatively with the valley’s collection of chambers and other business groups. Now that’s true partnership and is a breath of fresh air from the rivalries of the ever-more-distant past. The business community can’t do enough to pull together in these times, and the Partnership is setting a great example.

HIT: To Lindsey Vonn representing Vail as the ESPY’s top female athlete and top female Olympics athlete. Well, of course!

MISS: To the bicycle-automobile conflicts on the road. Motorists should understand that the cyclists have a right to be there and give them proper clearance. And cyclists can be better sharers of the road themselves. There’s also that little matter of using bike paths created for them.

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