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Vail Daily’s Hits and Misses

Vail Daily Staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

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HIT: To the Fourth of July weekend, grand kickoff of summer in the High Country. We’ve got it all, from the parades and fireworks to the music and picnics. And what a setting for the celebrations.

HIT: To the several thousand people here just for the Lacrosse Shootout. Great to have you. The big lacrosse, volleyball and soccer tournaments each summer give this valley a leg up in that drive to be the health and wellness (fitness, too) capitol of the universe. Throw in the orthopedic surgeons to the stars, a few Olympians leading clinics (not to mention living here) and a whole lot of residents here precisely to lead active lives, and we’re pretty much there now, actually.

MISS: To Eagle County School District Superintendent Sandra Smyser taking hers while encouraging the teachers who form the backbone of the education system to sacrifice theirs. She would have done well to follow the path of other school district superintendents who said thanks but no thanks to their bonuses.

HIT: To a couple of fundraising non-events. The most timely is the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens invitation to their gala that won’t be happening. As the invitation puts it, you can feel great about not having to dress up and scratch an event off of an otherwise cluttered social calendar. They still hope raise funds for the organization, of course. Last year, the Salvation Army raised $10,000 with its “Empty Bowls” fundraiser. Of course, it remains highly doubtful that you’ll be able to mothball the formalwear anytime soon. There are more than 100 nonprofit groups in the valley that raise funds with event-events for good causes.

MISS: Can we make this a gentle one? To the new name for the Gore Range Natural Science School. The new name is Walking Mountains. Huh? Catchy name, granted, but how on Earth is anyone supposed to know we’re talking about a school or education center? The irony is the school will finally have an actual campus, talking away a little nugget of confusion about the organization. This is right up there with renaming a chamber of commerce the “Partnership” or “One Eagle.” Cute, but maybe too clever by a half.

HIT: To young local composers – and we mean young as in 9-year-old Ben West and 12-year-old Jeremiah Johnston being asked by none other than Yo-Yo Ma if he was playing their compositions correctly. The boys wrote compositions the famous cellist performed Saturday at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail as part of the Bravo! festival. What a cool touch!

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