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Vail Daily’s Hits & Misses

Vail Daily StaffVail, CO, Colorado

Send your Hit or Miss to From Dallas-Fort Worth resident Marilyn Jenkins to voting. She called to respond to a letter published Wednesday by David Dillon about how he finds too many Republicans “crazy.” She says in response: “The answer is quite simple. Just quit complaining and vote on Nov. 2. It doesn’t make any difference who you vote for. But get your vote out and bring someone with you.” HIT: To the showing of the newly completed Ritz-Carlton Residences in Vail on Wednesday night. In a word: Wow! Peter Knobel, developer of Solaris, and at least one representative of the nearby Four Seasons joined the tours to size up the competition, too. Now we see how it all goes from here.MISS: To the 1,500 or so construction workers leaving with the completion of these big projects. More than a few landlords and lunch spots will be very disappointed at this development. But hey, lots of parking spaces should open up.MISS: To Facebook. Even just looking without adding to the chitchat is time-consuming. Wait, we’re exploring, testing, doing the sort of market investigation that makes this part of the job, right? HIT: To the ol’ swine flu taking its place as just another flu and not the next pandemic. Now get your shot, your one shot, to keep H1N1 at bay.MISS: To us from reader Lindsey Fitzpatrick for not mentioning Costco’s $20 flu shot (no membership required) in the front-page article Thursday on where to get flu shots.HIT: To snow, yes snow. Just a dusting Thursday at the top of the mountains. The summer people might hate it, but this just whets the appetite for the season to come for snowboarders and skiers. We’re ready.

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