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Vail Daily’s Hits & Misses

Send your Hit or Miss to editor@vaildaily.comHIT: From a reader to a program that buys cups of “good coffee” for soldiers in Afghanistan. From a soldier: “Go to and you will see the ‘cup of joe for Joe’ program. You can send a soldier a cup of coffee for $2. … I’ve gotten six cups of coffee from strangers already. You can send a little note with it. It’s great, and it’s really good coffee. It’s nice for the guys coming in because they often don’t have cash on them. I gave one of mine to a guy who had just come off a convoy and he didn’t have cash. Please pass it on to people who want to do things for the troops. Thanks!”MISS: To the county waffling on the proposed Eagle River Meadows development that would go where the remainder of the B&B quarry sits in Edwards. The commissioners make it sound like limiting the project to the south side of the Eagle River is their preference, then go back to considering the north side of the river at the site for housing, as well. Another hearing is scheduled in early December to continue endless debate on a sketch plan. Is all this expensive talk a result of not enough to do? It’s not as if the sheer number of such proposals are exactly stacking up in this era of high unemployment – especially in the construction realm.HIT: To the finalists for the Vail Valley Partnership’s top nonprofit, business, green business and corporate citizen honors for the year. All are very deserving, no question. And it’s fun to recognize some of the valley’s many successes.HIT: To an element of competition – albeit a small one – to the ridiculous parking charges the town of Vail is collecting these days for a day of skiing. Solaris is offering parking for $22 a day as an introduction in the early ski season, down a little from the $25 the town now charges. The structures fill up, the town coffers benefit and so it’s what the market bears. Fair enough. But still, it’s not particularly friendly.HIT: To Operation Christmas Child, a worldwide effort that local churches and other organizations have joined. Donors have until Sunday night to deliver shoebox-sized gifts for children who would not otherwise get gifts to the Calvary Chapel Vail Valley, at the Vail Christian High School campus in Edwards.

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