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Vail Daily’s Hits & Misses

Send your Hit or Miss to editor@vaildaily.comHIT: To this particular Black Friday, the famous official first day of the shopping sprint to Christmas. If you choose to spend it skiing, well, that’s OK too. HIT: From a reader to the “VEHA Bantam hockey coaches who ‘outplayed’ certain VEHA board members during the Sportsmanship Tournament two weeks ago. Two devious board members submitted their own roster to undermine the coaches’ roster (so certain kids could not play). The coaches arrived at the tournament to find their roster inexplicably lost and the board members roster mysteriously in place. The coaches forfeited all four games and all of the kids got to play. Go Vail-Eagle Hockey Association coaches!”HIT: From a reader who discovered the “Cup of Joe” program to buy a cup of coffee for a soldier overseas and to send a kind note along with that. “This is so cool. I just got an email back from a Fort Carson soldier who got a cup from me! He can’t wait to get home to his family in Colorado. What a great program to put you right in touch with them, and if they want they can e-mail a thanks. It’s good!” The website is at From a reader to a classroom meal. “Hi Don. I hope that you are well and all ready for the holidays. The kids at (Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy) enjoyed a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal that was prepared by a school dad who is a chef at the Hyatt. … I was just moved that someone would take the time to do that for the kids.”MISS: To anything but a HIT in today’s Hits & Misses. How can there be a miss this holiday with all this snow piled up? Sure, the temperature is a little chilly, but that just separates the skiers from the not-so-committed and gives the hardy ones more room. Just be sure to enjoy the day.

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