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Vail Daily’s Hits & Misses

Vail Daily staffVail, CO, Colorado

Send your Hit or Miss to Don Rogers at or call 970-748-2920.HIT: To 10 years of the Youth Conservation Corps, which provides one of those classical “win-win” efforts. Kids work in the national forest and BLM land on projects that wouldn’t get done otherwise, and they raise money for their various organizations. This has been a big HIT for years — well, 10 of them so far.MISS: From a reader to the Vail Daily’s annoying message at the top of files when other organizations link to our website. Before the story the reader is trying to read comes a bunch of lawyer gobbledygook about copyright and other nonsense that belongs at the bottom of the file, not the top, the reader says.MISS: From a reader to the situation at Cordillera. “The Club at Cordillera is a private golf club now owned by David Wilhelm, certainly not the ‘members,'” the reader says. “‘equity members’ paid in over a $100 million in membership deposits that are no longer part of the ‘equity’ side of the balance sheet. Evidently David Wilhelm and his former business partner, Felix Posen, studied golf course development along with Bernie Madoff. Escrow your annual dues, ‘members,’ and run the bum out of town.”HIT: To Pepi’s Soccer Club conquering Santa Barbara during Fiesta Week, no less, with a second-place finish in a top masters tournament. Good stuff.HIT: To the freshly appointed chief judge of the 5th Judicial District, Tom Moorhead, who replaces the retired Chief District Judge Terry Ruckriegle. Moorhead is a great choice who takes the role seriously and takes his role in giving back to the community maybe even more seriously. He’ll be not only a strong chief judge but a great ambassador for the judicial system to the public. That’s an underappreciated quality that is sorely needed.

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