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Vail Daily’s Hits & Misses

Vail Daily StaffVail, CO, Colorado

Send your Hit or Miss to Don Rogers at, or call 970-748-2920.HIT? MISS? To the school year starting up again this week. Oh, the excitement for students moving up to the next big step – kindergarten to first grade, elementary to middle school and, gulp, middle school to high school. Senior year of high school is special, though the kids may not quite realize that until, say, spring. And let’s not forget that first or last year of college is now under way. HIT: To Restaurant Month in Vail. What we like is Vail being willing to keep trying new incentives to visit the No. 1 ski resort in America, and maybe No. 1 fall resort in time, too. HIT: To the venerable Beaver Creek Oktoberfest, even if it’s being held again in, ahem, September! What is it with these Germans? Early for everything!HIT: To Vail Mountain Rescue, always there. Always.HIT: To the Broncos winning a game, even if just a preseason game. Hope for the best, but this has the look of a long year. And we hope we eat these words in a few months.HIT: To Glenn Beck, the conservative commentator who organized a rally to celebrate America and call for “restoring honor” to the country and honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” message on the 47th anniversary of the speech. And to Al Sharpton, who led a mirror image “Reclaim the Dream” rally nearby. The two groups, typically, traded jibes. But what we like is a root civic interest perhaps reviving. At the very least, rallying is much better than apathy.HIT: Ah, to election campaign season, even with all the ridiculous barbs, charges and commercials that aim to tear down candidates and make their stances and records as clear as mud. Earnest journalists will aim to make sense of the issues and candidacies, and good luck with that. Remember, no one really can buy your vote – unless you are dumb enough to let ’em.HIT: To the Children’s Fountain in Vail, a timeless wonder for children of a certain age. The author’s kids had a complete blast in the wading pool in their time, and so likely will the grandchildren someday. Here’s to that being a few years off, however.

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