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Vail Daily’s Hits & Misses

Vail Daily StaffVail, CO, Colorado

You can send your Hit or Miss to Don Rogers at or call 970-748-2920.HIT: Gypsum Daze and the highlight concert Saturday night featuring Sarah Buxton and Rodney Atkins that filled the town park. Weather was summery perfect, and plain fun in that old-timey, smalltown-best sort of way. it was a great way for Eagle and Gypsum neighbors to get together, much like Flight Days a few weeks earlier.MISS: From reader Stephen White to last week’s MISS “to the bicycle-automobile conflicts on the road. … And cyclists can be better sharers of the road themselves. There’s also that little matter of using bike paths created for them.” Stephen White says, “They are called ‘recreation paths’ and were created, for pedestrians, roller blades, skate boarders, joggers, mothers pushing their strollers and cyclists if they choose to use them because as you have said, cyclists have a legal right to the roadway and it is not a ‘little matter,’ it is a matter of safety. Recreation paths often cross many more intersections and driveways than the road way. Most bicycle vehicle collisions occur at intersections. Also, when a cyclist is traveling over 10-15 mph, it is much safer for other users to have the bicycle on the roadway. Finally, please stop propagating the myth that cyclists do not share the road. Bicycles because of their size and limited numbers on the road make that statement simply untrue. Motor vehicles by their sheer size take up much more space than a bicycle. You could fit eight or more bicycles in the space of one average size car. Furthermore, it is a motor vehicle that is more likely to break the law. Do not believe me, drive the speed limit down I-70. Count how many cars pass you. Observe any stop sign in the valley. Count how many cars come to a complete stop. MISS: To Vail Resorts charging $15 after 4 p.m. for gondola rides, with $10 vouchers to Eagle’s Nest amenities. It’s understandable the the ski company needs to be able to fund the expense of running the gondola, and this is a clever way to help do it. Not the best PR, though, for a company generally very smart in this arena after a history of offering the rides for free after 4. Why sour relationships with customers and the business community at the Lionshead base village? We hope this experiment is a one-summer deal and the company returns to a win-win mentality with the evening gondola rides.HIT: To geothermal potential below the Eagle County Regional Airport. The Gypsum Town Council may allow a prospector to drill a test well to see if there’s hot water 4,000-5,000 deep that could be used for energy purposes. Maybe the idea seems a little far-fetched, but so long as Gypsum can ensure the venture won’t cost the taxpayers, why not give the driller a shot at it?HIT: To family, friends and community supporters of the Claymon family, whose son Andrew recently died of cancer, turning out nearly 1,000 strong at his memorial Monday at Battle Mountain High School. How he lived has inspired many, many people. MISS: To Eagle County starting the energy “smart loan” program before fully clearing up the implications for reselling a property encumbered by the loans. Having borrowers sign disclosure letters that they understand the complications looks more like it’s asking for trouble than exercising more patience with Fannie and Freddie Mac and the Federal National Mortgage Association, which have declared they won’t deal with homes with such “smart loans.” MISS: To Amendments 60 and 61, along with Proposition 101, which aim to cripple local and state governments. Even conservative groups such as Club 20 understand this. These proposals would hamper business growth, cost jobs in the mistaken notion that eliminating taxes will “always” stimulate the private sector. Not in this case.

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