Vail Daily’s Town Talk for April 28 |

Vail Daily’s Town Talk for April 28

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Avery Forstl is ready to take a dive into 5! Happy fifth birthday, Avery! Love, Martha, Jill and all of your friends at Mountain Montessori.

Please dine at the Rittenhouse Restaurant today to support Project Graduation. Eagle Valley High School seniors will wait tables for tips!

Do you think construction projects that use taxpayer dollars should give preference to local architects, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers? If you do, you need to speak out and show those making the decisions that this is important to the survival of our local businesses and our community as a whole. Here is your first opportunity to voice your opinion or just show support. The Eagle County School District board has a number of upcoming construction projects. Will they give preference to local businesses? Right now they are saying no, but maybe our community can help them see the importance of keeping our tax dollars local. If you agree, there will be an Eagle County School District board of directors meeting today at 5 p.m. at the district’s Eagle location at 948 Chambers Ave. Please attend this meeting and show your support of the district’s projects as well as your support of giving preference to local businesses to design and build these projects. Other communities around us are giving preference to locals on their projects. If our local community does not start supporting local businesses, we have no one but ourselves to blame for our fate as a community. One project can make the difference for survival for a local business. It will only change if we all speak up one board meeting and one project at a time.

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