Vail Daily’s view: $400 logo done right |

Vail Daily’s view: $400 logo done right

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO Colorado

Eagle County’s is not the only new logo in town, but it’s the only one that’s managed to generate criticism.

Maybe that’s because the other logo, designed by employees and volunteers with the Eagle-based Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, only cost $400 and has not been kept secret, unlike the clas-sified design Eagle County spent more than $36,000 on.

The downvalley fire district went about designing a new logo in as right a way as the coun-ty’s was flawed. Not only was it relatively cheap, they got all sorts of community members to sketch out ideas ” and even formed a logo committee.

The county, on the other hand, got an out-of-state firm to come up with a design in private that, so far, has only been discussed in private. Details on what the new logo looks like have been as close-ly guarded as a military secret for fear some other Eagle County might pirate the design.

Why, the firefighters’ new logo even has a prac-tical purpose ” it’s more reflective and glows in the dark so fire vehicles are more visible when they’re racing to an emergency.

“We have a wide range of different viewpoints and perspectives,” said volunteer Capt. Bill Kennedy, a member of the logo committee. ” I think what you see on the trucks and uniforms kind of tells that story.”

Eagle County has a decent argument for a new logo ” a simpler design could save money because the multi-colored eagle in use now costs a lot to reproduce. But this one good argument was swamped by the county’s total mis-handling of what could have been less costly and more inclusive of the communities the county serves.

The fire district’s example and a little common sense, frankly, offer a profound lesson about how to handle decisions in the future: with a bit more political savvy and more importantly, a lot more transparency and wisdom.

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