Vail Daily’s View: Best choices for Avon council are Carroll, Dantas, Evans, Goulding |

Vail Daily’s View: Best choices for Avon council are Carroll, Dantas, Evans, Goulding

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

Experience matters. That statement cuts both ways, of course, and experience shouldn’t be the last word on passing a job interview. But Avon voters this fall have a chance to take advantage of both experience and energy in choosing a new majority for the Avon Town Council.

Mayor Ron Wolfe and council member Brian Sipes are both leaving due to term limits, and incumbents Rich Carroll and Dave Dantas are both asking for another term each. Chris Evans, Todd Goulding, Paul Siemonsma and Jim Benson are also seeking your vote.

Six people seeking four spots is a pretty good game of musical chairs, but the best choices, in our view, are Carroll, Dantas, Evans and Goulding.

With two of the council’s strongest voices leaving after the election, Carroll and Dantas seem ready to assume stronger roles. Evans and Goulding, meanwhile, both have years of experience on the town’s planning and zoning commission and other town boards.

All four know the town’s operations inside and out. That’s going to be crucial as Avon, like every other town in the valley, faces difficult decisions about its budget.

The candidates say they believe strongly that Avon should be cautious with its money. That could mean cutbacks in some town services and staff. On the other hand, they believe basic town services need to be maintained at a high standard for both residents and guests.

There are some significant differences of opinion among the four regarding a proposed pavilion at Nottingham Park and the town’s Main Street redevelopment. But all four seem willing to work with other council members, and it’s reasonable to assume that this group, working with other council members, could find some workable solution to these and other issues.

The biggest hurdle facing Avon over the coming years might be its current pair of lawsuits with Traer Creek developer Magnus Lindholm. Only time will tell if the mixture of experience and new blood can help move that ever-contentious relationship to a place that could benefit both the developer and town taxpayers.

That’s going to take a lot of time and energy, which all of our preferred candidates seem to have.

While we’ve referred to these candidates as a group, any one of them would be a solid choice in any election year. Experience doesn’t always guarantee results, but given the times, that’s usually a pretty good way to bet.

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