Vail Daily’s View: Best little fair and rodeo around |

Vail Daily’s View: Best little fair and rodeo around

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

The Eagle County Fair and Rodeo’s 71st year hits peak right about now.

You don’t need to keep up with rodeo stars like the baseball fanatics live and (lately) die with the Colorado Rockies, either.

The star cowboys increasingly are putting this rodeo on their circuit – the world-record bareback ride last year didn’t hurt. Our rodeo has been recognized for the past two years, no doubt going on a third, as the best medium-size rodeo in the center of the rodeo universe.

But really, the spectacle alone attracts the consistent full houses of residents and visitors. This is the Western heritage at work and play, after all. What our lifestyle at least historically is all about.

We love our Bravo!, too, no question. But the New York Phil conveniently finishes its series of concerts tonight – just in time to transition from the tuxedo to the cowboy

hat, to get some good, honest dirt under your heels and a dose of

the rawhide culture Saturday to make the week complete.

That’s the true High Country experience of summer besides the hiking and biking and ducking afternoon showers.

The rodeo is the headline of the fair but not nearly the full experience. Here, kids still participate in 4-H and raise animals for show and sale along with the baking, photo and craft contests and such. Of course, the young ones won’t let their parents forget the carnival, either.

Eagle County’s government invests in the fair and rodeo each year, and that’s who to thank for the quality of the event each year.

The fair and rodeo touch the taproot of our heritage and foster it for the next generations to better understand what this part of America is all about and to take some pride in it.

Plus, it’s just a great way to spend the day and/or evening right about now.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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