Vail Daily’s View: Considering a quality-of-life fee |

Vail Daily’s View: Considering a quality-of-life fee

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

You know, asking each town of Eagle adult resident to cough up a $250 annual donation isn’t such a kooky idea.

Make it $500 a household and there’s an extra million or so to the town government’s coffers each year.

It’s not as much as the Eagle River Station shopping center is likely to deliver, but it’s something.

And it’s a big statement from residents who oppose the center on lifestyle grounds and are willing to make up at least part of the town funding they give up by rejecting the center.

Can you imagine in an age of TEA parties an entire community giving their town an extra contribution each year to have their smalltown feel and the kind of revenue that provides for what most cities need business taxes to deliver?

Now that’s community.

This same community came together about a decade ago to build the playground palace at Eagle Ranch. Remember that? It was glorious.

Certainly the more the citizens give and do for their community, the more it is truly theirs.

So how far can this go? Can the organizers of big events, like say a full-on West Fest that attracts tens of thousands over a weekend, count on volunteers to put on such an event or festival to maximize a profit that goes to the town coffers?

If the townsfolk give like this, can the same be expected of the business operators as part of what it takes to build a great community?

This is a fantastic idea. We’d love to see it come to pass. So many selfless people, sacrificing some time and some cash for the greater good.

The valley is rich this way, counting the commnity service organizations, fundraisers, cleanups, youth activities and the host of other volunteer efforts that make this a great place to live, as well as visit.

Can this apply to running a town?

Maybe the question is worth asking on that next Wal-Mart or Target run. Would you pay $250 a year and do some volunteer work to keep such stores out of your community?

One one level, yes, the question is absurd.

But you have to admit it certainly is intriguing nonetheless.

Pair it with further upgrading of downtown, kayak park at the river and other modest development, and the town may not miss the finanancial boost to quality of life so much.

Does that level of commitment really exist? Eagle has a chance to see.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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