Vail Daily’s View: Enough noise: Build those Edwards roundabouts |

Vail Daily’s View: Enough noise: Build those Edwards roundabouts

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

The ride from Interstate 70 to Highway 6 in Edwards can be a bit jarring. All those traffic lights make the Spur Road feel a bit like Colfax Avenue sometimes.

The interchange area is the perfect place for the four roundabouts the Colorado Department of Transportation plans to build with $11 million in federal stimulus money. The roundabouts would go at both exit ramps, near the entrance to Singletree and at intersection with Miller Ranch Road.

The project also includes sidewalks, which are sorely lacking in many parts of a Vail Valley where many people choose walking as their main form of transportation.

Opposition to the project has come from Singletree residents who are worried about noise coming form the roundabouts. Two state studies have found the roundabouts shouldn’t be a nuisance and that the noise in the area comes from the freeway. Those residents said this week they hope the project will include some type of noise barrier, like a berm.

With or without a berm, the project needs to move forward.

The roundabouts will provide a smoother ride between Singletree and Highway 6. The intersections now along the route don’t seem busy enough to warrant old-fashioned traffic lights.

Also, a new Battle Mountain High will open this fall and roundabouts should help any extra school traffic flow without congesting Miller Ranch Road.

The next debate will be what sort of bronze statues to put in the middle of Edwards’ roundabouts. Fountains, anyone?

Vail Daily Editorial Staff

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