Vail Daily’s view: Everything’s against Vail Valley, but the snow |

Vail Daily’s view: Everything’s against Vail Valley, but the snow

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

Seems everything is working against us, between anachronistic auto companies with their hands out, stock markets down, real estate falling off that cliff, layoffs cutting through our community like a scythe, a promised credit card crisis just over the horizon and financiers and such still expecting their bonus and bailout, too.

Our world is shaken and heavy, burdened with fear for the economy and our futures.

It cheers us little to realize that every recession is like this: Doomsayers declare that this one surely is the end times, the onset of the next Depression with a capital D, like no other. And then, just as mysteriously as it came, the beast departs, the clouds clear, the engine sparks again, and the next boom rolls along.

Meantime, the sun still rises in the east, parents still pack their little ones off to school and nearly all of us still have jobs to do ” though perhaps with a bit more on the plate than a couple of weeks ago.

And another snowstorm is on its way as this is written. Maybe it will be snowing as you read the paper today.

Beaver Creek and Vail are opening more terrain. Front Rangers will fight the traffic to go skiing. Other visitors will fly in to take up their passion. The reason most of us came here in the first place did not let us down.

There’s one thing in our favor. Some early snow, even more than average for this time of year. There’s hope yet.

It’s not all bad and getting worse. These cycles come, but they’ll also go. The snow came in. Someday, the economy will return, too.

Meantime, Blue Sky and the Back Bowls are open and maybe will be a little less crowded this year. Now there’s a silver lining.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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