Vail Daily’s View: GOP candidates shoot selves in foot |

Vail Daily’s View: GOP candidates shoot selves in foot

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

Colorado’s Republicans have to be wondering how they’ve angered the political fates. In a year when the Republicans are expected to make big gains, the party has managed to put the “goober” in “gubernatorial” with its candidates for governor.

Former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis – the party’s chosen candidate – has shot himself in the foot, and maybe a vital organ, by failing to live up to what’s expected of first-year law students: Doing his own work and giving proper credit to those whose ideas he’s used.

McInnis has also come across as a prickly, defensive candidate, a far cry from the energetic, home-every-weekend ethic he displayed while in Congress. It was in Congress, too, where McInnis developed what once were outstanding constituent-service skills.

Today, even McInnis’ supporters wonder where this candidate has come from, and what’s happened to the congressman they’d come to like and admire.

Dan Maes may be an even worse candidate. A favorite of many Tea Partiers, Maes has apparently misrepresented his record as a “successful businessman.”

Maes recently released his tax records to The Constitutionalist Today, which The Denver Post describes as a “Tea Party media outlet.” Those records show Maes’ business ventures lie somewhere between moderately successful and struggling.

In addition, Maes recently paid without protest a $17,500 fine for campaign finance violations.

So in a year when Republicans fully expected to retake the Governor’s Mansion, especially after a disappointing four-year run by retiring incumbent Bill Ritter, a Democrat, it looks as if the party is essentially ready to hand the race to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, an affable-enough Democratic politician with questionable knowledge of the rest of the state.

At this point, the best the Republicans can hope for is that the primary winner withdraws in favor of a less-tainted last-minute candidate who might at least make a two-man race for the state’s top executive position.

But it also begs the question: Why did Western Sloper Josh Penry defer to McInnis earlier this year?

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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