Vail Daily’s View: GOP torpedoes their prospects for governor |

Vail Daily’s View: GOP torpedoes their prospects for governor

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

The question all good state Republicans are asking today: What is in Tom Tancredo’s head?

As promised, he jumped into the governor’s race after the tainted candidates on the GOP ticket channeled their enormous egos and vowed to stay in no matter what.

The one we’ll call Unelectable, and the other, Unworthy, will be culled in the Aug. 10 primary to one unworthy and unelectable candidate for the Republicans.

Dan Maes’ issues with campaign finance law are relatively minor, but he’d be a lamb for the slaughter if he won the primary, and it’s highly unlikely he’ll even beat the crippled Scott McInnis, whose political viewpoint is well-suited for taking over as governor in these times, but alas, his character issues make seating him a poor idea.

Enter Tancredo, the bombastic ex-congressman infamous for threatening to blow up mosques and railroad immigrants here illegally. He did nothing to ease the rep Thursday while officially announcing his candidacy wearing a Border Patrol ball cap.

So, does this guy just miss the spotlight or is he crazy like a fox?

The Republican leadership readily acknowledges that his candidacy with the American Constitution Party hopelessly splits the conservative vote, and there’s no chance of a GOP governor replacing Bill Ritter.

In which case, Tancredo should get free beer for life from John Hickenlooper’s brew pub.

Tancredo also may be posturing large enough to help Maes and McInnis understand they have no chance at all to win the governorship and really do need to step aside in favor of an unstained Republican who can run competitively with the Denver mayor.

That’s our hope, though Tancredo is far-out enough that he’s just running for the attention, no matter what the Republican Party in Colorado does next.

Turns out, you can probably ask him yourself in a couple of weeks. Tancredo is scheduled to visit Dr. Michael Schneider’s Vail Valley 9.12 Project group on Aug. 14 to talk about his candidacy. His spokesman promised that Tancredo would be very candid.

What’s the best outcome for the state, as well as the Republican Party? Let the primary play out, and then the winner stand aside in favor of a worthy and electable candidate. And Tancredo fall in line, as well, for the greater good.

Otherwise, get used to the sound of “Gov. Hickenlooper,” which does have a ring to it. Nothing against Hickenlooper, who has done an excellent job as Denver’s mayor. We’d just think it’s best for a real race between the best each party can put forward.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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