Vail Daily’s View: Lots of opinions about opinion |

Vail Daily’s View: Lots of opinions about opinion

Vail Dail Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

We say too much. We say too little. We are too boring. Too careful. Too even-handed, milquetoast. No, we are too provocative, too strong and not nearly nuanced enough. We say anything to make people angry.

Too left. Too right. Too this, not enough that.

So it goes.

Everyone has an opinion. Let’s start there.

Well, let’s take it a little further. This is a newspaper, after all. And papers are concerned with public life, public facts, and in the commentary section, public opinion.

We’re a public entity, too, in key ways, so having an opinion about our opinions is fair game. And we thank God enough of you have an opinion.

So much so that we can have an editorial on opinions about the opinions expressed in this section of the paper.

It’s a small section, not as highly read as the local news sections, although it does have its avid fans along with those dear critics who might as well be fans because they can recite chapter and verse while claiming they never read us. Uh, huh.

Our editorial board’s views run the gamut from occasionally cranky conservative, believe it or not, to crazytown liberal. The board of editors is not a democracy, but the members are a vocal bunch. No one is shy about weighing in, that’s for sure.

The views expressed in the Our Views tend to stray across and back across the center line, and we’re mostly concerned with local issues.

Cutbacks forced by the downturn — sharpest since the Depression — certainly have affected the commentary section as they have the rest of the paper and community enduring the same hardships. We’re all covering more ground, and in this case that means we’re writing fewer house editorials for the moment.

Our overarching philosophy toward the commentary section remains, however. That is that this section primarily is a forum for views across the spectrum and a place for local viewpoints to find expression.

We’re not about silencing views we disagree with, far from it. Your contribution will find a home in these pages so long as the issue is genuinely public, free of libel or other legal liability, and not personally malicious. Of course, if you are writing a letter, we do require the fundamental accountability of making yourself known, too. That’s only fair.

After all, this is your paper at root, and still by far the most effective way to get your views out where nine of every 10 neighbors will see it.

So speak up. Right, left, “post-partisan” — that matters far less than the simple acts of participating in the public discussions and decisions that make this quirky community so great.

Vail Dail Editorial Board

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