Vail Daily’s View: Nice job preparing Eagle River Preserve |

Vail Daily’s View: Nice job preparing Eagle River Preserve

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail, CO, Colorado

The valley is surrounded on every side by countless acres of national forest criss-crossed by hiking trails – who needs paths and parkland right smack-dab in the middle of Edwards, right?

Vacant land in town should be used for affordable housing, saved for future school expansions, even retail development, don’t you think? If we put new stores in town, we won’t have to build them up Lake Creek!

Well, Eagle County did a great job with the first 30 acres of the Eagle River Preserve – which are now open – and the park’s trails, benches and river views are proof that yeah, we did need a park in town. Forest trails – despite having boundless forest on either side – are a bit restrictive. You’re not really encouraged to go romping off the paths and into the woods. Hiking paths aren’t great for littler kids, either.

In the Eagle River Preserve, you can spread out a bit. Little kids can really run. But it’s up to us – especially those of us planning to walk our dogs there – to keep the place clean. To many open spaces, such as the Freedom Park Pond and some of the paths in Homestead, have come dog-poop minefields. Also, we should be able to manage not to leave Wendy’s bags, beer bottles and cigarette butts on these pleasant new trails we’ve been given.

We spent $12 million on it — over the objections of critics who included the Vail Daily — so let’s try to keep the preserve a pleasant place for stroll during lunch or after work.

Even in the relatively placid Vail Valley, it’s nice to have a place to get a little peace and quiet.

Vail Daily Editorial Board

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