Vail Daily’s view: Now that we’ve made history … |

Vail Daily’s view: Now that we’ve made history …
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado “-Now that the racial barrier has been broken, there’s a ton more work to do in Vail, Colorado and America.

War and recession shouldn’t overshadow Barack Obama’s historic achievement of becoming our first minority president, but that celebration ends after his speech today, at least for a while.

Obama, the Democratic Congress and we, the nation’s citizens, have to begin living up to loftier standards again, standards of international behavior and quality of life that we’ve set but strayed from.

Obama must follow through on his promise of ending our role in the war in Iraq. There has been plenty of military conflict between nations during the past eight years, but only America invaded a country that had not attacked it or threatened its interests.

Obama must set a real strategy to rout the Taliban and al-Qaeda from Afghanistan and Pakistan, the true front of the war on terror, while restoring our relationships around the globe by denouncing torture, shutting down our gulag at Guantanamo Bay and offering the rights of the American legal system to even the most unrepentant foreign evildoers.

At home, Obama must show leadership in maintaining the capitalist system that has proved so prosperous for so many. While Obama helps people return to work by funding billions in public works projects, our business community, to remain free of onerous government regulation, must rid itself of some of the unfettered greed that brought our economy to its knees.

Companies responsible for employing hundreds of thousands of workers must set sustainable business models and proved they are being managed for the benefit of both the chief executive and worker with the lowest salary before asking for any more bailouts.

Once our economy has recovered, hopefully Obama will inspire us all to do business and live our lives in a more sustainable way. It’s time for an energy revolution in our country so we can stop sending trillions of dollars to terrorists in the Middle East and power our nation ” with the sun, wind and other sources ” in the centuries to come.

The key to Obama’s leadership is the word “we,” one he uses often. The American people cannot sit back, as we’ve done over the past eight years, and wait for the president to solve ” or cause ” our problems.

Then we can celebrate again, and reval in more than just the election of a black men, but in a revitalized republic.

” Vail Daily Editorial Board

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