Vail Daily’s View: One Eagle pedals a great idea |

Vail Daily’s View: One Eagle pedals a great idea

Vail Daily Editorial BoardVail, CO,

The One Eagle business coalition is off to a good, green start. The group of Eagle merchants plans to place refurbished bikes around town for people to use instead of their cars. One Eagle said the bikes which will be rehabbed by The Kind Bikes & Skis and Mountain Pedaler and will, of course, be painted green can be used to run errands or just ride around town. What a great way to introduce a group to the community by starting not with some crass marketing ploy or pitch focused simply on Spend, spend, spend but with an effort to help visitors to town help the environment just a little bit. Not only can this program cut some emissions, but if people participate, bikes rolling around town will make downtown a bit more friendly and vibrant than people zipping past in cars. And maybe Eagle can inspire other towns and neighborhoods Vail, Edwards and Avon come to mind to institute similar programs. All our towns will be a little more pleasant with fewer cars on the road. And on the economic-stimulus side, happier pedestrians and bicyclists who arent having to dodge as many cars might be a little more free with their cash and credit cards in local stores. Plus, the towns can then market their bicycles especially for summer visitors. Mountain towns such as Eagle and its Vail Valley neighbors should be the ones leading the charge on more environmentally friendly commerce, anyhow. Vail Daily Editorial Board

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